Coming up I gots a trip to Yosemite this weekend with my mom and sister. We’re heading out on Sunday and coming back on Wednesday. After that, there’s the week-long New York trip in July where I’m chilling with relatives and Hannah and Ian probably. After that… not much? Perhaps a visit to Seattle for PAX with Paolo in August? And within the next year I need to take advantage of that international ticket credit I have…

I’m in a weird state right now because for the first time in my life, I don’t plan on the situation changing unless it changes without my doing. That is, I’m at a point where I’m out of college, out of grad school, and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I’m staying in Marin until this job ends, and who knows when it will. I don’t plan on moving after three months, or starting classes again, or changing my lifestyle in the future. As long as I’m working here, I’m in San Rafael, getting comfortable, and starting to develop a routine.

It’s the strangest feeling. Take, for example, the car I’ll be buying within the next few weeks. I’m getting a Prius with the assumption that I’ll continue to live in an area that necessitates a car for a long time. Like, years. And how about my social situation? James and Paolo and Steve are still here and I’m hanging out with them now. I’m hanging out with some SF Bay goons, and they’re cool too. But these are people I might be seeing on a regular basis for years. That’s foreign to me.

Eventually I’m going to have to move out of my dad’s house – that’s one reason I’m not decorating my room to my liking, as someone who’s settled down would do. I hope that that moving out coincides with my job ending (if that’s within, say, a year). Otherwise, I’ll probably move somewhere else in Marin and continue working at Diabetes Health. But it’s not like my dad has a problem with me being around – once Lily’s gone, it’ll just be him and me. I’m thinking more about how my social situation would probably improve if I get my own place. If my job does end, I’ll probably try finding one in San Francisco or elsewhere in the more accessible Bay Area. But there’s no time limit on my current situation and who knows what things will be like when all this actually does happen.

I was eating dinner at Crepevine in SR today after coming back from the gym, sitting on the sidewalk of 4th Street, watching locals come and go. I realized, I’m a guy in his 20’s who hasn’t really left his hometown, but should take advantage of what it has to offer anyway. For the first time in 5 years, it’s my first home. I should be partaking in the local culture and establishing myself as best as someone can in a suburban city. But I think it will take time simply because of my mindset which is so set on things being temporary.

If I Go to Israel

If I go to Israel, I’m quitting the best job I’ve ever had.
If I go to Israel, I’m putting friendships on hold.
If I go to Israel, I’m leaving my Mom and Dad alone.
If I go to Israel, I’m putting my plans for future apartments, cars, and other possessions on hold.

If I go to Israel, I’m spending $1500 on a plane ticket.
If I go to Israel, I’m working for months with no pay.
If I go to Israel, I’m working at a job that would not benefit me in the long run.
If I go to Israel, I risk paying extravagant amounts for rent, or living in a shithole of a dorm.
If I go to Israel, I don’t know how I’ll get around if public transit fails me.

If I go to Israel, I will need to find things to do.
If I go to Israel, I need to make new friends.
If I go to Israel, I will need to overcome a language barrier.
If I go to Israel, I will be seen as an outsider.
If I go to Israel, everything I work toward will be temporary.

If I go to Israel, I’m seeing a girl who I know I will have to leave within a few months.
If I go to Israel, I’m seeing a girl who I’ve only seen for a few months within the past two years.
If I go to Israel, I’m seeing a girl whose family, work, and social problems have tended to bring me down.
If I go to Israel, I’m seeing a girl who I’ve learned I cannot trust.
If I go to Israel, I’m seeing a girl who breaks promises.
If I go to Israel, I’m seeing a girl with the knowledge that she has cheated on me.
If I go to Israel, I’m seeing a girl who I once loved but can no longer say I do.

Why would I go to Israel?

Bears in the Area

Hello again from me; I am back in America after my two school quarters in Seattle.

The road trip ended pleasantly with a viewing of Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Ashland is a wonderful town and I totally want to return to it some time. It’s certainly got that indie vibe. Anyone under 20 in Ashland is a high school student visiting from another state along with the rest of their Drama class. It’s cute!

Today I dressed up all fancy and ferried into San Francisco for an interview at Aquent and then another one at the Jewish Community Federation (an organization that shares my initials). Both are for just month-long jobs – one in California starting ASAP, and one in Israel starting in a few months. Later, I went home and cooked a chicken dish consisting of forty garlic cloves and a half-cup of olive oil. My dad told me that I should try to start focusing on cooking things that won’t instantly give you a heart attack. Although my dish turned out splendidly, I think he is right!

Tomorrow, I file my taxes, unpack the rest of the boxes we drove down with, and pack back up for a few-days-long vacation down to a resort in San Diego with my dad and sister, where much beach-going and city-exploring will be had. A good Spring Break escape from the quite empty house that Betty once kept up.

After I return, I look forward to getting into the swing of the Bay Area again. I want to spend less time at home and more in a social environment. I want to casually swing by a friend’s place and spend the afternoon, just like Skeeter always did at Doug’s place, Sam at Clarissa’s, or Gerald at Arnold’s. I’m sure it happens in real life too, but I always found myself envying Nickelodeon characters.

I miss Shiranne and I wish summer could come sooner! She is going through turbulent work times and I wish I could have been more available in the past few days. Eventually I will be able to relax, and even after that I will be able to relax with Shiranne in the same country as me.


Hi there

I have left Seattle! The remainder of my stuff is in a rental PT Cruiser that my mom has rented, and the two of us are in a hotel outside of Portland, Oregon. We walked around the Pearl District and happened upon “First Thursday” where there are a bunch of art gallery open houses. Intensely pleasant as always!

Tomorrow, we head a bit east and drive along the Oregon side of the Columbia River, checking out waterfalls, dams, and the like. We’ve been told it’s heck of pretty. And in the evening we head back to Portland for a concert downtown.

We’ll be back in the Bay Area by Sunday. Okay I got bored of writing on the Internet so goodbye!

Shiranne Gone

End of Spring Break, kind of! I dropped Shiranne off at SFO early this morning, and her plane in JFK just took off for Tel Aviv. Goodbyes were less tearful than usual, probably because I’m so dead set on Israel at this point that it’s just like we’re taking time off from being together, which is already in progress. A few months of break. Then we continue a few months of where we left off. Sounds kind of crazy, but I think the both of us can put up with it, given what we’ve gone through.

Oh and Shiranne and Eric and I are fucking sunburned to the max. My face is red and it’s finally starting to peel. There’s also an epic hat mark where the normal skin color abruptly stops across my forehead. Remember, kids, just because it’s below freezing doesn’t mean the sun isn’t reflecting off that snow.

In other news, I got my grades back from this quarter. Even though I failed my CS midterm (55/100), I ended up getting a 3.3 in that class, which is like the best thing possible. 3.6 and 3.9 in my other two classes. That gives me a cumulative 3.71 which means that as a grad student I am kicking the ass of my previous undergrad GPA. But more importantly, it means that there’s a greater chance of me returning to UW to complete my degree. I guess I really am kind of up for it.

But before that I really have to see what’s up with employment and lodging in terms of spring and summer. We’ll see.

Spring so far

Thought I’d give y’all an update on what the haps are.

I finished my final projects and tests early last week. Turned in a final paper about Facebook’s Photos and Events application linkage, phonemic alternation in Mandarin, and took a test on data structures.

The next morning I woke up bright and early to haul myself and most of my stuff to the airport, and arrived in San Francisco with a few delays. Had lunch on the go with my mom, stopped at my dad’s, and took off toward Santa Cruz.

Met with Nico and Zack and Shiranne and her friends at Saturn Cafe for some veg burgers. Then Shiranne and I headed to the Explosions in the Sky show down the street at the Catalyst. A lot of pot smoke, a lot of really epic guitar strumming and plucking, a lot of knees getting tired from standing a lot! Then we drove around somewhat aimlessly on Highway 1 for a while then I headed back to Nico’s apartment at Porter and sleeped.

Thursday was spent tagging along with Shiranne and saying hello to a bunch of her friends. Well, my friends, too. They were classmates or at least Internet friends while I was still in Santa Cruz. In the evening we headed to the Chabad House and had a fun Megillah reading with a cute PowerPoint slideshow with caricatures of all the characters. Also, pizza. Later, Shiranne and I took an awesome walk through the Porter meadow and lied on the Porter Squiggle for a while until the cold got sort of unbearable.

Said goodbyes to Nico and crew the next morning, and Shiranne and I climbed Tree 9! It was her first time. Dat tree lost the little log at the bottom that people used to get up to the climbable branches, but some kind souls constructed a rope ladder in its place. Then we headed back to Palo Alto and chilled for the rest of the day, welcoming Shabbat along with Shiranne’s mom who made us some soup and pastas.

On Saturday I spent some time catching up on Internet (while Shiranne couldn’t ohohoho) and also took a walk to Greer Park where we saw these people roasting pigs on a rotisserie which totally grossed Shiranne out! Later we prepared for Shiranne’s Purim party and I got totally lost picking up Paolo and Sonya. We played some Brawl and watched some Wristcutters and chatted about bygone Palo Alto days (that I was not a part of).

Today I woked and drove back to San Rafael and spent the rest of the day finally unpacking all the suitcases I brought home, and catching up on the rest of the Internet. That’s a lot of Internet to catch up on! About 300 LJ posts, and about the same amount of RSS posts. I guess that is the price to pay for spending time outside. Later today Shiranne and Eric and I are headed into the city for some Japaneses, then we’re heading back here to watch a movie.

Tomorrow we’re heading up to the mountains and going down hills on various planks of polymers. What a vacation!

Funeral Funhouse

Hello Internet friends, new and old.

Today I am heading home to San Rafael for the weekend and totally paying tribute to my stepmom. Will be seeing my uncle, cousins, Betty’s family, family friends, etc. Certainly nice to see all of them after so much time.

But today also marks Part 1 of Get The Hell Out Of Seattle, where I pack up as much of my room as possible in a few suitcases, head to California, and return with empty, bigger suitcases. I’ll be doing it again at the start of Spring break, and then after Sakuracon I’m leavin’ for good. Either my mom’s heading up or I’m just renting a car to take down. If this supposed roommate who’s moving from Cuba to take my place doesn’t call soon, I’m going to have to find something to do about all this furniture that I’m not moving. Oy boy.

It will, only as of recently, be sad to leave Seattle, because I’ve been steadily cultivating friends from a lot of places: roommates, the BEMANI dudez, CSE grads, Secular Student Union pals. I really have to think about starting and re-starting a number of friendships once I head to California, as it might be the longest time I’ve stayed at my dad’s since I started going to college in 2003. I also have to get used to not walking everywhere and using my late stepmom’s Jaguar instead. Fancy car, but not my style.

Oh well. Back to packing.


I am planning on moving from Seattle to San Rafael!

So here’s my deal. I am flying twice to California this month. Once for Betty’s funeral (next weekend), and once for spring break (on the 19th). Both times I expect to fill two suitcases with ITEMS. That might take care of something like half of my possessions.

But I don’t know about the actual time for me to move down. There are a few things, like my computer, printer, monitors, and a few other things that shouldn’t go on a plane. So I have to think about driving down…

So I’m trying to think of the most economical way to do this. Budget is $200 for a one-way 10′ truck rental from Seattle to San Rafael, not including gas money (around another $200). But I don’t know if I’ll really need an entire moving van; especially with my two plane trips I’ll probably only need a car.

Car rental places do rent cars to people under 25, for a small fee. But I’m having trouble finding one that lets you drop the car off in another state. Enterprise does only in-state for a select few states. I don’t know about any other ones.

Or is there another option I’m missing? Anyone in Seattle going down to California soon that wants to take all my stuff? Anything else? Bleeeh, I just need advice as usual.