I’m just realizing that, after more than four years of having my social circle based outside of San Rafael, that I really have no remaining social circle IN San Rafael. I had a good amount of friends to hang out with back in the day (whether I took advantage of that fact is a different… Continue reading Realize


Funeral was intensely pleasant. Saw family and friends I was long overdue to see, shared good stories, and presented what is now basically a shrine to my stepmom – our house. It’s full of cards, flowers, and laptops showing Betty slideshows – that’s temporary – but the pictures, her furniture, her books, her decorations, her… Continue reading Home

Locked because employers are looking… (actually who cares – unlocked)

This weekend, despite voting and gaming with friends and going shopping with other friends and attending a friend’s recital and friendsfriendsfriends I’m still feeling pretty neglected and lonely right now. Also I feel pretty incompetent because I bombed a midterm today and I’ve just been thinking about my path as a grad student and just… Continue reading Locked because employers are looking… (actually who cares – unlocked)