Noser's game pak is complete!

Noser from #4tt made a new game in Java every day for the month of June. They’re all really entertaining. Since it’s June 30, he’s finished today, so now’s a better time than ever to check them all out. They’re all quite diverse, so if one does not pique your interest, a dozen more will.

Check out today’s for a “credits sequence” – it’s almost Katamari-esque in that you somewhat interact with the credits – and it credits people from #4tt for silly things like QA and ideas. But Noser did most of the work so there you go!


My department had a picnic at McNear’s Beach today! It was awesome. Lots of meat – beef bool kogi, tri-tip, chicken skewers, this Indian lamb dish, pork loin… and lots of bees. Also we played volleyball.

I didn’t do so badly for barely ever having played it, but by the end of the day I got elbowed in the face real hard by a teammate. Hit my lip and my upper teeth, so now I’ve got a fat lip and bloody gums. Oh well, it’s nice to get a nice smack in the face once in a while.

It’s nice hanging out with a group of 30-somethings, which is what my group’s comprised of. I’m the youngest by 10 years but I still feel as if I fit in and can shoot the shit with them, even though I’m not drinking beer and smoking cigars like the rest of them.

Came home early; now I will spend the rest of today, all of Saturday, and all of Sunday completing my animation. It’s only half-done and I’ve been working on it for almost two weeks now. :\ Ugh.

Subpixels tutorial out of nowhere!

This image might look like an ordinary white box on a black background, but let’s enlarge it 3x!

Notice that it’s actually made of many colors – cyan and red on the left, and blue and yellow on the right. It appears as white at 1x, though, because of subpixels.

Each pixel on the screen is made of an even smaller red, green, and blue pixel (in that order) – and mixing those three colors together produces the color white. If you look really really close at your screen, you’ll see that each pixel is actually made of red, green, and blue thirds.

So, the usual pattern for pixels is RGB. But does it have to be? Take two pixels. If the one on the left only had green and blue at 100%, and the one on the right had red at 100%, that’d still be green, blue, and red at 100%, generating the color white. That’s what’s happening on the left side of the image above. And on the right, the converse, blue, red, and green, is happening. On the tops and bottoms, well, any combination of that is happening, because it’s continuous. Red, green, blue, red, green, blue, red, green, blue…

One way that text is smoothed on the screen is using this method. Microsoft ClearType, as an example, uses subpixel rendering – it uses thirds of pixels to make text even sharper than pixels seem to allow. It works as a very nice illusion unless it is enlarged or magnified, wherein it appears as a jumble of seemingly random colors, like in the enlarged image above.

Okay I’m done.

Ollllld Hotmail

I just remembered that I had a few ancient folders in my Hotmail account, with emails dating back to 1997. I saved a few chain letters and *hilarious* animated GIFs (ha ha, that’s not a real window! That’s a GIF!), and I also saved a few long-winded and completely unintelligible responses to chain letters that James sent out. I’d post them here but… um… I dunno, no reason.

Everyone go check your extremely old emails, if you got ’em. They’re a blast.

I ♥ Yaoi

You know those days where you’re paranoid and you’re really fidgety and anxious?

And then there are the days where all that anxiety is justified.

Sometimes I feel really itchy and I get these little pangs all over my skin that don’t really mean much besides that I am paying too much attention to my skin – but today all the pangs were because BUGS WERE CRAWLING ALL AROUND ME ALL DAY. I flicked off like 10 bugs in many different cases. I don’t know what was up.

And then when I was on the road I had this heightened awareness about cars getting too close to me in adjacent lanes – and it was because they WERE getting too close. I was almost merged into 3 times, and I had to honk them off. Geez.

But hey, at the end of the day, I’m still alive, I think!

Unrelated: I go to the mall a lot now for lunch since Autodesk offices are right next to it… so I’m drawn to EB Games a lot. Today I decided to get a carrying case for my DS and GBA cartridges (since I currently use an Altoids tin), and I ended up getting this “starter kit.”

It came with two cartridge cases that were ADVERTISED as holding DS and GBA cartridges – there were no GBA spaces.
The “protective screens” were already dirty and made the DS really hazy-looking and added a lot of glare.
The headphones were pieces of crap.
The car adapter was only for the original DS, not the lite.
This keyring with adhesive strips to hold games (worst idea EVER) got stuck to the label on New Super Mario Bros., and pulled it off. I put it back on, but now it’s all crooked and sticky.
The styluses were for the original DS, and they didn’t even fit into the carrying case the kit came with.

Overall, EVERYTHING in the starter kit wasn’t right in some way, so I’m returning it tomorrow. Ugh.

Work is really difficult

Today I worked really hard on updating collaborative webpages to be used by my team. I consolidated information across existing sites and made them accessible and organized. (This is my actual job description.)

You can see my hard work here:
It is no longer a stub!


Who’s going to the Marin County Fair this year? It’s from June 30th to July 4, and I’m probably going a few times since parking will be really easy for me (woo Autodesk parking lots). But not on Saturday or Sunday – got other things to do.

Who would like to take advantage of my fabulous parking and maybe actually the attractions at the fair itself?

Cooked Up A Storm!

Man I was totally supposed to animate for the entire day today but I ended up:

  • Waking up at Paolo’s and going back to Palo Alto with Shiranne!
  • Going to SVGL for some IIDX12 and Pop’n8!
  • Eating at Spoons!
  • Driving through SF!

    I made quiche with crab, mushroom and broccoli, completely from scratch! Rolled the dough, boiled the entire crab, chopped and sauteed the veggies and spices, mixed the filling, all that jazz. And it turned out beautifully! I am quite proud of it. Thanks GBSFood!

    Also I made white chocolate chip cookies as somewhat of an afterthought! Plain white chocolate chip cookies are very rare because people usually throw macadamia nuts in them for some dumb reason. White chocolate chips deserve their independence!

    All of the ingredients cost me $40 so that’s sort of crazy, but it was a good learning experience and the quiche will probably keep my entire family fed for a few days. Also if anyone wants to try some of the quiche you are free to come over and have a slice.

    In other news, we might all have to say goodbye to my beloved car pretty soon. More details on that later.