Beginnin of quarter

These past few days!

So Monday was the beginning of my first class at North Seattle Community College, Programming II. I have it every day in the morning. Basically resumes where I left off about four years ago, so I’m rusty. In my free time this week I’ve been working on the first assignment, which asks me to assemble a magic square. It’s fun! I’m using Eclipse on my Linux laptop.

Rushed over to UW afterwards to attend the Computational Linguistics orientation program. Met a bunch of old guys who work at Microsoft who will be in my classes! Awesome. Also learned the basics of Perl and Python. We won’t be programming things in Prolog, thank god.

Got my UPASS, meaning bus for free. Also decided I’d sell my car since I don’t need it. But you know about that!

Wednesday evening was the beginning of my second class at NSCC, Calculus I. I already did Calculus 1 four years ago as well, so it was kind of familiar. Problem is this class meets two days a week, so it’s two and a half hours long… and the teacher mumbles. This’ll be an exercise in awkeness. Maybe I should start drinking coffee or something. :\

And today was my first UW class, Syntax for Computational Linguistics! It’s taught in a new building in a new room with this new software that broadcasts the professor’s voice, the slides, and even a whiteboard over the internet so you can sit in on the lecture without being there. I’m still going to go and be there but if I’m sick or anything I can still attend. Awesome!

And that is all! Tomorrow I only have one class so the week’s already winding down. Haven’t had any real time to socialize or do much else that’s fun, but some of my roommates’ friends have stopped over and we’ve gone out to get some good food. In the next week or so I’ll be going to more social gathering with my Comp Ling department and maybe I’ll make some friends of my own, who knows.

JeffreyAtW v12

Latest design is up and mostly operational!

It’s greatly simplified compared to the previous version, mostly because I think there is no good reason to have a personal site anymore. Every one of those links points off-site. My journal’s no longer intertwined with the page (for the first time). It’s basically a placeholder where people interested in my online presence can find more (as opposed to my real life presence).

All that’s left to do is make the “Archive” button work, which will display a hidden element that directs you to some older stuff I don’t feel like directly linking to, like comics, simfiles, art, etc.

Enjoy! Oh also, if anyone’s using IE6, do you think you could show me a screenshot of how it looks? Might be a bit strange but I can’t be sure.

Cheek semen.

I don’t know if anyone ever gets this. I do, and I think my sister does. But if I’m ever eating something intensely sweet, like a ganache or some other chocolate monstrosity, my upper cheeks, right at my cheekbones, start to feel cold and damp. I dunno. People get weirded out when they hear that, but it’s only caused by something really, really sweet. They actually do get sort of wet. Don’t know why!

Anyway I just finished the largest, most succulent apple I have ever seen. And it made my cheeks moisten like you have never seen. I mean oh my god was it an experience.

I totally get to eat for free (including more apples!) for the next few days because I’m trying to clean out our fridge, which my roommates are really good at filling up with stuff they are never going to eat. Good thing I decided to do so, because amidst my refrigerated travels, I found 2-week-old raw meat. All RIGHT!


So on Thursday night there is a $10 special at GameWorks downtown for unlimited play from 9 to 12. So I took advantage of it! It was then that my roommate Zack called and reminded me that we were going camping this weekend and we were leaving tomorrow morning! So yeah! I didn’t really have time to tell anyone because I sort of totally forgot. I have angered people due to lack of information about my whereabouts and I actually find that sort of cool because people would be fucking pissed if I died or something!

Any-the-way, the camping excursion was quite fun. Zack, his friend Tim, and I drove across Washington to Spokane, where Zack’s folks live, and from there we headed north to Priest Lake, Idaho, a simply divine place with a bunch of great camping spots. Little did we know that all the spots had been closed since Labor Day, but all of the group camping places were open, and free! Although we sort of trespassed and lit a campfire in front of a “no campfires” sign for the first night, the second night was spent in this big place with a bunch of fire pits and a forest of perfect firewood right behind it. Made foil dinners of chicken, onions and noodles, and cooked a bunch of hot dogs and s’mores. Definitely good campin’.

The last night it was getting pretty cold so we decided to head home early and spend the night at Zack’s house, where there was hot tubbing and As Good As It Gets-ing in his home theater. The drive home was full of awesome skies.

Now I am back in Seattle and it is time to chill with roommates and also maybe do some work!


I stayed up until 4 AM flashing my iPhone’s firmware with an Installer application, installing an SSH server, butchering a sound file from Our Man Flint, and uploading it over WinSCP back to my iPhone, all so I could have THIS as my ringtone!