I’m back. The three hours of sleep that I had might have been ill-spent, because I was TEETERING on sleep for the entire flight. I probably could have ACTUALLY slept if I didn’t sleep a few hours before.

As you can see, I am very serious about my hours of sleep!

But basically, pacific daylight time, we were travelling from 1 AM to 1 PM, nonstop. I enjoy travelling, though. Time on planes can easily be passed by through games of Solitaire, actually reading a book that I can pay attention to (rare), or just listening to bounce connected over and over. I don’t know how it’s possible, but TaQ never gets old. NERD

I’ll probably be spending the next few days looking for a cost-effective way to fix the radio in my car – maybe I can just Google some directions on removing it from the port and dismantling it myself.

Oh, and I still need a job. On the bright side, I DO have an interview at Macy’s on Wednesday. It’d be somewhat interesting sharing a job with James. :P

New york day 6!!

I’ll get back to days 4 and 5. They were awesomes as well, but I thought I’d recap the events of today since everyone wants to know about my trip to the MoCCA art festival. Or like, Sketchee does at least. Anyway!

The original plan was to go into Manhattan, where I’d hang at MoCCA for a few hours and Lily would walk around SoHo, and then we’d take a train to see my dad’s side of the family up north in Croton-on-Hudson and go to an engagement party there. My sister wanted to stay at home on the net for the most of the day, though, so I scrapped the plans to head to my alter-family’s house.

So I hopped on the subway, takin’ the 7 from Flushing into Manhattan, and then the 6 down to Lafayette. Entered the Puck building, and met the following people: Ian Jones-Quartey, Josh Mirman, Meredith Gran, R Stevens, Brian Carroll, Dan Piraro, Jim Mahfood, Sophie Crumb, Ryan North, Bill Plympton, Alex Ross, some 6-year-old art prodigy or something, and a lot of other people who I’ve probably forgotten to mention. Very good times meeting all of them.

I hung out around the Dumbrella booth, where r stevens, Ian J, Josh M, and Mer G were hangin’. I bought an ANGST shirt from Josh, like I said I would, or something. Josh sketched Shane, and Ian sketched Cherry (although I felt bad not requesting Plum instead since no one ever likes Plum but I do :\ ). Attended a slide show where some cartoonists read the speech and/or subtext to their comics, frame by frame. Also walked around SoHo a lot, and had some totally grate pizza. I really like Manhattan. Walking around there, looking at all the art, stores, restaurants, etc. was quite fun. And quite hell for my feet.

I ended the day by following the Dumbrella crew over to the ACME diner, where we all pigged out on burgers and Ian Josh Mer I talked about how “Chris Crosby” could be used as a verb.

And then I took the subway and then the bus home and got off really far away from my grandma’s house accidentally so I walked a lot and now my legs are dead!

And I wake up in 3 hours to go on a plane back home so bye!

newYORK iii

hey everyone look at the classy subject for this blog. it’s artsy and now i’m typing in lowercase. new york’s art factor is rubbing off on me!

But only on the Internet, and while talking (like an ass) to James.

Third day was mostly spent at the Moving Pictures museum, or whatever, in Queens. Quite the nice museum, and rather up-to-date as well. We saw an old ep of Flash Gordon, we saw different animation techniques, we made a flipbook of our grandparents, heard some recordings about acting within TV and movies, etc. I also bought a book about “what video games have to teach us,” etc. I basically already know it, but it has a nice approach, is written by a middle-aged guy who discovers video games through his kids, and is much easier to blaze through than James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

After that, all usses went to a great Greek restaurant and pigged out on giant meaty sandwiches ‘n stuff.

Oh, and I think that we watched Shrek THIS night, not the night before, since we couldn’t decide on a movie, or something. Whatev!

I guess I’m rushing this because Lily wants me to get off my grandma’s computer so she can get back on. And she’s looking over my shoulder. Actually, not while I’m writing THIS paragraph, because if she was, she’d be all going “nyUUUUHHHH!!!” and “Jeffrey stoppppppp” and stuff. HaHA!

[some sort of guilt-causing thing that makes you want to comment on this entry]


On my second vacationing day, grandma Claire, her husband Alvin, my mom, my sister, and I (hereafter referred to as “we”) headed to Greenwich Village for shoppings, eatings, and so forth. I loved this place; it had the real “city” feel I had been waiting for.

This place is littered with music stores, in addition to a plethora of clothing, book, novelty, and other fun stores. The place is bustling with different kinds of styles, and just walking around and window shopping was quite fun. There were even some toy stores that couldn’t even be entered by anyone under 18. (Welcome to the adult world of New York, I guess) These stores were like BETTER THAN BEING IN JAPAN since they had all the neat gadgets one could find there, and more vintage, wacky, and other (!) cool stuff.

Of course, uh, even with the money my parents gave me for the trip, I didn’t buy anything. Well, I did buy a pizza slice at Ray’s, on the corner of St. Marks, which was like the most awesome slice of pizza I had ever had… and I CONSIDERED buying Clinton’s autobio at Barnes and Noble down the street. Eh. But after a while, I got tired and sat lotus in some corner listening to TaQ, while waiting to meet up with the rest of my family. Actually, that was pretty fun, too, listening to the BEST MUSIC EVER and watching people walk by.

Rest of the day was spent waiting for my mom to stop shopping around vintage and novelty stores, so we could finally head out for the day. We rented Shrek since grandparents hadn’t seen it, and they enjoyed it.

That amusement park trip for today was cancelled, but we’re still hangin’ with the family at a park near my uncle’s house. So I’ll check you fools on the flip.

Yeah uh




“Being in the public eye, you’re labeled that you have an eating disorder,” Ashley said. “You have a drug addiction,” Mary-Kate said. “We don’t have problems! There’s nothing to worry about,” Ashley said. “If I had a drug addiction, I would be in a thingy — like Promises, the Malibu [rehab] place,” Mary-Kate said. “You don’t see me there. So, like, come on. It’s crazy.”

New York


I’m writing from my mom’s mom’s house in Bayside, Queens, NY, NY. The vacation, in terms of travel and tourism, has been quite laid-back and leisurely. Interpersonally, not as much.

First day we arrived, my mom’s trickstery cousin Harry picked us up from the airport… that is, after joking that 1) he had been waiting at the airport for hours, 2) he was going to drive us back home in a compact Volvo, 3) he had to leave Lily behind due to this, and 4) our grandparents had to pick her up, separately.

This, in turn, caused my grandma, Claire, to yell for her husband, Alvin, to jet out of the shower and start to get ready to drive down to Newark, NJ, to pick Lily up. Of course, it was then that Harry admitted he was joking…

Later, when we arrived at my grandparents’ house, though, Alvin greeted us with a painful-looking bandage around his arm. Seemed as if he cut himself running out of the shower. It was during the process of Harry’s profuse apologizing and my grandma’s scheduling an appointment to check Alvin’s tetanus shot history that Alvin stood up and slid off his bandage, to reveal his flawless, unhurt arm. The trickster had been tricked!

An additional good start to the vacation was our visit to my uncle Rob’s place, where we mainly dropped by to check in on Matt, my cousin recovering from Leukemia. Looked hairless and bloated, and quite different than his twin cousin, Adam. But we talked about a trip to an amusement park in Pennsylvania that they were planning later in the week.

Okay so I’m trying to remember what we did the first full day we were here! Oh yeah haha.

We headed to Jones Beach on Long Island. By the time we were ready, it was about 4:00, the time that most people start leaving the beach due to colder, windier weather… and it’s also the time that entry into the beach becomes free. So uh, by the time we got there, it was too windy to set up our towels and umbrellas, and the bath houses w/ pools and the like were all closed. What’s more, uncle Rob and his kids were going to meet us there. So eh, they did, we hung for a while and ate some food we brought, and then decided to head to a local mall and hang about.

That was it for that day, pretty much. Next day okay hooray.

Tuesday was FUNS A’PLENTY! First we okay hold on a second

I’ve lost my ability to write and NO ONE has read this whole thing, I’m sure. Well actually, I’m sure they’ll read this last paragraph, feel REEEELY bad that they skimmed through it without realizing that I’m on vacation in New York, and then read through it again. I’ll write more about the trip tomorrow. That amusement park trip we had scheduled has been cancelled, anyway. :\

I’ve found that people reply to my entries most when they link to entertaining content – often stuff I haven’t produced myself. When I’m displaying something I’ve created, like a comic, design, or just a blog about my day or my thoughts, I don’t get a lot of feedback.

It’s somewhat interesting, seeing as this is my journal. If I’m linking stuff that isn’t mine, why am I getting replies? Are they mostly from people who haven’t seen these outside links before? From people who want to say that they HAVE seen them?

This is an observation, not a complaint.

Blog #I'm going to stop numbering these now

One reason I’m so valuable when I’m at home is because I’m an extra driver. If dad’s busy or mom’s lazy, I’m the one to drive Lily and her band places, or to run errands, or something of that sort. I like driving, but this summer it’s slightly different, since I’m trying to conserve money, and yes, even gas money is having a profound impact on my account balance.

Of course, I also have my own plans… yesterday I made plans to do, well, something with my friends. But the night before, Lily said that I’m going to have to drive her in the morning to another show at College of Marin. Now wait a second… what about, like, the MONTH that they knew they’d be playing there? Didn’t they have ANY idea about scheduling a drive there? I guess not.

So after a morning of panicking about not being able to get to their own show, I decided to drive them a few hours early so they wouldn’t interfere with my plans. I did ask for $5, though – gas money, inconvenience, etc. :)

My plans, at the time, were to meet James, stop him from taking a bus to San Francisco so he can take the BART to Berkeley (HA HA HA!), drive him there instead, and watch Dodgeball with Paolo and Kathy. But I guess we decided to hang with Geoff and Sophie instead, and went to see Dodgeball anyway at the Northgate Mall. And then went walking about the mall, contemplating for about an hour about whether we were going to buy something or not.

Dropped Geoff and Sophie back off at Fairfax, and invited James over for dinner and a movie. (AWWW less than 3) My parents rented “Monster” with Charlize Therion and Christina Ricci. It was the kind of movie that’s hard to watch, but you leave feeling satisfied. I guess it helps that it’s based on a true story as well. And yeah, Christina Ricci is hot.

Today, I pack for New York, and then go to the opera in San Francisco to celebrate my mom’s 50th! And then we’re going to Max’s cafe, woo! I think it’ll be fun.

Probably not going to be blogging every day I’m on my vacation. I leave tomorrow morning. It’ll be great. Going to ask my mom if I can head to the MoCCA convention at the end of the week. It sounds fun, and I can hang with some NY webcartoonists from #4toontellers.

Kill Blog, vol. 2

Job situation: nil.

Remember a few months ago when I was parading about my internship I scored at Sun? Well, they laid off a bunch of people and that includes me, before I was even hired.

Actually, that’s not quite true. They never came to me and told me that the internship was off. In fact, at this point they STILL have my papers on some desk somewhere, waiting to be “reviewed.”

But I was never clear on the issue, so I waited patiently for a reply, while letting the months fly by. Bang, it’s summer, no reply, and now I have to look for ANOTHER job. But it’s already summer!

So this week’s been quite a stressful one of sending out resumes, making my portfolio, and basically applying to anything I could find… and no reply yet.

I guess I can stop worrying about it for another week, though, because of my trip to New York. Should take my mind off things. Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to last me through the vacation… or maybe I just won’t buy anything. I don’t need to; I’m not really into material stuff.

Tomallow: events of today! And tomorrow! In other words, what will have been yesterday, and what will be today! Tomorrow! But I already said that, I think!