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One reason I’m so valuable when I’m at home is because I’m an extra driver. If dad’s busy or mom’s lazy, I’m the one to drive Lily and her band places, or to run errands, or something of that sort. I like driving, but this summer it’s slightly different, since I’m trying to conserve money, and yes, even gas money is having a profound impact on my account balance.
Of course, I also have my own plans… yesterday I made plans to do, well, something with my friends. But the night before, Lily said that I’m going to have to drive her in the morning to another show at College of Marin. Now wait a second… what about, like, the MONTH that they knew they’d be playing there? Didn’t they have ANY idea about scheduling a drive there? I guess not.
So after a morning of panicking about not being able to get to their own show, I decided to drive them a few hours early so they wouldn’t interfere with my plans. I did ask for $5, though – gas money, inconvenience, etc. 🙂
My plans, at the time, were to meet James, stop him from taking a bus to San Francisco so he can take the BART to Berkeley (HA HA HA!), drive him there instead, and watch Dodgeball with Paolo and Kathy. But I guess we decided to hang with Geoff and Sophie instead, and went to see Dodgeball anyway at the Northgate Mall. And then went walking about the mall, contemplating for about an hour about whether we were going to buy something or not.
Dropped Geoff and Sophie back off at Fairfax, and invited James over for dinner and a movie. (AWWW less than 3) My parents rented “Monster” with Charlize Therion and Christina Ricci. It was the kind of movie that’s hard to watch, but you leave feeling satisfied. I guess it helps that it’s based on a true story as well. And yeah, Christina Ricci is hot.
Today, I pack for New York, and then go to the opera in San Francisco to celebrate my mom’s 50th! And then we’re going to Max’s cafe, woo! I think it’ll be fun.
Probably not going to be blogging every day I’m on my vacation. I leave tomorrow morning. It’ll be great. Going to ask my mom if I can head to the MoCCA convention at the end of the week. It sounds fun, and I can hang with some NY webcartoonists from #4toontellers.

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  1. monster was a pretty good movie, but like all hollywood pretty good movies it was way over rated. i think if your average kinda big fat ugly actress played the charlize theron character there definitely would be no oscar but since they did the whole “transformation” bit and shit everybody thought it was the most incredible thing since tom hanks in cast away. i didn’t think christana ricci was very believable in her character. she really is a beauty though.
    welcome home!
    ciao sir jeff!

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