Kill Blog, vol. 2

Job situation: nil.
Remember a few months ago when I was parading about my internship I scored at Sun? Well, they laid off a bunch of people and that includes me, before I was even hired.
Actually, that’s not quite true. They never came to me and told me that the internship was off. In fact, at this point they STILL have my papers on some desk somewhere, waiting to be “reviewed.”
But I was never clear on the issue, so I waited patiently for a reply, while letting the months fly by. Bang, it’s summer, no reply, and now I have to look for ANOTHER job. But it’s already summer!
So this week’s been quite a stressful one of sending out resumes, making my portfolio, and basically applying to anything I could find… and no reply yet.
I guess I can stop worrying about it for another week, though, because of my trip to New York. Should take my mind off things. Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to last me through the vacation… or maybe I just won’t buy anything. I don’t need to; I’m not really into material stuff.
Tomallow: events of today! And tomorrow! In other words, what will have been yesterday, and what will be today! Tomorrow! But I already said that, I think!

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  1. 1.Food is a material.
    2.Call Sun up and inquire about it. If your really intent on getting the job…I might be able to help you. Best discussed on AIm though,if your interested.

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