The Final Semester

Uh oh, my comic has started to resort to cryptic messages and overused adages. That sucks. Maybe I’ll get some better ideas when I start to feel better.

I was sick over the whole weekend, and I couldn’t do anything. I mean, I was at the computer, I was chatting, but I couldn’t complete anything. I have a giant Psych project due on Friday. I mean, GIANT. It’s 10-page essay and a hour-long oral report. I’ve got a LONG way to go before that’s done.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any website designin’ done. I missed multiple social engagements as well. Not a very good start to the semester.

I’ll try not to mope around for the rest of the week. I mean, I’m still alive, I think. All that NyQuil raised my spirits, uheheh.

And that’s the bell. Enter school.


Dammit, I pick the stupidest times to blog. I’ve only got 5 minutes to write this stupid thing.

Well, on Friday I went out for Chinese and DDR. I won a few catas, whoop dee doo. People have stopped caring, believe it or not.

But the Chinese food was really good. We ate at Pier 6, which is conveniently located right next to Starbase. And then we met up with Brad, Darren, Simon, Larry, Earl, Bord, Smeg, Ilya, Andrew, Andrew, and Andrew. You could care less.

I’ll be really CARE-ful about the next paragraph, LOL!

The next day was the Bar Mitzvah of my friend, Joel, an aspiring WINNAR of FF6 (I got him into emulators, woo). He had a reception at the same place that I did, but it was bettar. I got a few plastic shiny colored hats and plan to do some DJ Gay-boy parody sooner or later.

Then it was THA IMPROV~! in San Francisco, which was awesome. Bay Area Theater Sports is undergoing the Winter Games, where “teams” compete against one another and are judged by their acting skeeilz. There was one round where audience participation was required, and I was brought up to do something similar to “3-headed Broadway star.” Then Annie was called up to play one of those “move the bodies of the actors” game. Holy nice.

And then I ate way too much sweet stuff and SMELLED UP ADAM’S BATHROOM ROFL!

The next day was spent sleeping late, arriving to my T.A. position at Jew school late, and then doing a lot of my homework late.

I like DDR.

Bob Celebrity is a Compensated Endorser

Both DDR Extreme and my RedOctane pad arrived at about the same time, it seems. I went to the arcade before I went home today, though, and DDR Extreme was finished being installed and turned on about the time that I got there. Despite two scary (unintended) freezes in the middle of two songs, it works well and is a GREAT mix. It’s got a lot of really cool options, including the ability to practice Oni steps in Normal mode, and the new “MARVELOUS!” rating in Oni courses. James full-combo’d his first 9-foot song (ha, I beat him with Matsuri Japan), and Chris completed the Naoki Neo-Standard Oni course with a friend. Very good times. We even ordered some pizza at the arcade since I was there so late (huh, great food to eat while playing DDR).

Then it was off to Jew school as it is every Tuesday, carpoolin’ with Hannah. She seemed excited about the new “Beginner” difficulty that DDR Extreme has, but I assured her that she’s better than that. I also told her that she was not the reason that most of her steps at home weren’t being registered – her crappy crappy crappy MadCatz pad was the reason. I’m still beating myself up over buying that for her. Well, it’s better than nothing… I think.

Speaking about crappy crappy crappy… or perhaps the opposite… as mentioned before, I got my RedOctane Ignition 2.0 pad. It took it out, and it looked exactly like the two that I got over the summer, plus Konamix, all for $70, but what came with it was definitely worth it. The pad, which is said to have superior wiring, and has a much better texture than my previous pads, comes with an inch-thick dense padding to stick inside it, along with a CARRYING CASE! Wow, wow, wow. I will certainly have fun with this pad. I would recommend it, even with its steep price.



I decided to have a full-on race royal with three amazing DDR contraptions that will soon be arriving in Marin.

Destination: Starbase #1 Arcade.

CONTESTANT 2: RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Dance Pad.
Destination: My house.

CONTESTANT 3: The second DDR arcade machine in Marin.
Destination: The Northgate Mall (4 teh massses)

So far, it looks like DDR Extreme has won, but the RedOctane pad is hot on its heels. I ordered the pad before the new year, so I can understand perhaps a bit of a delay, but it was shipped from the SOUTH San Francisco bay, and all of a sudden, it’s now equally as far away in the NORTH San Francisco bay. Airborne Express promises they’ll ship it today.

But by the time I get home, I’ll probably already have stopped off at Starbase to play DDR Extreme. Since Drake-o’s are off school for a few days, I’m expecting a few of them to be there.

As for the third contestant: the arcade’s owned by Namco of America, so I don’t expect them to make any promises (and as far as I know, it may just be DDR USA, blaueaugh).

Best Way To Wake Up Ever

That is, without any dirty connotations…

On a day where you’d like to wake up relatively early, yet you enjoy sleeping in – here’s a great way to experience that “going back to bed right after waking up” feeling, and still wake up pretty early.

You’ve got an alarm clock, of course. And if you’ve ever actually gotten any use of it, you’ve probably set it far away from your bed, so you have to get up to turn it off, or else everyone in the house will be awakened by loud morning radio with poor reception.

So set it for an early time, and then, uh, sleep.

When it goes off, get up and set the clock for 10 minutes later. Go straight back to bed. You’ll have the craziest dreams and it will feel like much more than 10 minutes.

Repeat. The alarm goes off again, you get up, and you set it again. You can repeat this for an hour if you like. Sooner or later, you’ll get tired of sleeping… or something.

ADDENDUM: What the hell does the “Snooze” button do? :D