v8 is up.

It’s supposed to be a more fun, casual layout… and definitely more colorful. Tell me if anything looks wrong, and feel free to give me suggestions. I’d like this layout to be very appealing and very easy to use. Well, that applies for all layouts, but you know. Hey hey lats go.

In other news.

Okay, so I like composing music and all, but I’m usually at a total loss of creativity and I really have no idea what to make.

That’s where you come [email protected]

I’m offering to make songs TOTALLY FOR FREE, on request. That means, you tell me you want a song made, tell me what style you want it in (meaning, you direct me to an artist, or you give me some other information you’d like in the song, like a drum loop or melody) and I make it.

The reason I’m doing this is because I feel I work very well through imitation – actual ingenuity is really, really hard to grasp for me, I know. But through imitation, or maybe even through request of friends, it might be easier to make.

So… anyone want a song?

Now that I’m done with referrals for my iPod thing and I just have to wait out some confirmations – if you haven’t signed up already, don’t use my link, use Dan‘s link. He’s the guy that referred me to the program and he hasn’t gotten enough confirmations yet.

And remember, if you’ve already signed up, don’t do it again – this site is pretty pissy about fake signups.


“Congratulations! You have currently completed all requirements to get your totally FREE iPod. We now need to confirm your account and referral offer completions. Please check back after 2 business days to see your status.”

Now I wait 2 days to see if they’re actually legit or not. But if not, I haven’t wasted a penny! (besides um, giving out some personal info but that didn’t cost money.)

Thanks to certain peoples for signing up under me; you know who you are.