I put together this great two-CD mixtape with a bunch of high-energy dance tunes. Most are pretty mainstream but it’s a nice selection anyway. Ask me for the link and I will privately message it to you!

Studying :(

Man today was such a slow day because the ONLY thing I did was study for my Film and Digital Media class which turned out to be a whole lot more annoying and unfun than I thought it would be. Perhaps after we are done with this midtern we will actually focus on production of digital media rather than history, because I am so sick of people referring to the community in which I live (the internet!) as some sort of science experiment!!!

So yeah, staying up into the early morning in college, not partying and actually studying instead. I thought it would never happen!

Also there are no contractions in this entry because the apostrophe key is fucking up in Firefox again!!!

It's a month!

Hey all!

Who still needs a room for Fanime?

Also I’m not sure exactly who said they’d want to stay with us. So far it really is just me and Sophie, so we need more people to crash!

It’ll be $20 a night; our room has one king-sized bed and one rollout bed, and a lot of floor space. So it’s a good deal if you get the rollout or something. So act now!!!!!q

And please try to limit the “maybes” or “we’ll sees.” I’d really like to have an accurate list. But at least comment if you’re interested and I’ll work something out with you.

Also if you’re not planning on going or have never been to Fanime, well I have room in my car, I’m coming back on Sunday night, and the con’s actually pretty fun for the parties and games and making fun of peoples. I’d recommend it.


It’s almost 4. I came back from watching A Clockwork Orange (the midnight movie), it was nice!

But I stayed up so late to finish this cute little icon I made. Hooray for Firefox!


Does anyone else ever get extreme pangs of happiness?

I’ve never gotten pangs of sadness or loeneliness, but sometimes I’m just chillin’ and all of a sudden I get this feeling and I want to laugh and yell and sing and dance around. I don’t even know why I get them. Things have always been pretty nice, but I think it’s more of a chemical thing than an all-of-a-sudden-looking-back-on-your-life thing. Weird!

BUSes everywhere

Hey look it’s another BUS post.

Thanks to Paolo’s suggestion, BUS is now on UthTV! Give it some stars!

I’m starting to fiddle with Premiere Pro to create the DVD version of BUS. In addition to showing it at yonder Stevenson Film Festival, it seems that it will also be showing on SCTV, and at Chautauqua! Wowsers, all this for 3 minutes of Flash.


FYI I’m totally cool with it and I think it’s a pretty good name. Much better than another “look how extreme we can get” name with a bunch of X’s in it, or something that tells you “oh hello, you’re playing a video game console, here are some buzzwords like ‘game’ or ‘station’ or ‘system’ or ‘portable,’ etc. etc.”

But don’t tell thousands of other angry Nintendo PS3 AND 360 FO LYFE!!!!!! fans that.