Mally Clistmass. I got hella rad mad bootay today.

The Centerpiece: a 60 GB internal hard drive. WHEEE~! I get to download as much porno as I want!
More Yay For Your Dollar: Gran Turismo 3, and a cell phone (to share with my sister… meaning it’s really for her.)
Other Tidbits: A PS2 extension cord (to replace the chewed up one that was left in the basement), CANDAY from my sister, an FFX strategy guide (will NOT open it until I’ve beaten it), and a really cool fold-out alarm clock.

My dad also got a Palm Pilot cell phone. I was the one who thought of those, dammit. Anyway, now I can play 3-D Air Hockey over the IR port with him. Yay.

I spent most of the past three days playing FFX nonstop. It’s great. Read The GIA‘s review. I can get really tired being stationary in the same spot for the whole day.

Also with my free time, I made 5 little piano MIDIs from FF5. Done by request, so that’s why the 6th, 7th and 8th aren’t there.

Anyway, like everyone else in the universe I got FFX today. UNLIKE everyone else, I won’t be able to finish it tonight, though, because the PlayStation’s at the other house… dammit. So all I can too is skim through the awfully brief instruction manual and twirl the DVD around my finger. It was interesting in that many other people were in line at Electronics Boutique to buy FFX, but most of them were middle-age moms. Go figure. I also noticed that the EB workers highly recommended FFX to clueless shoppers, referring to it as “probably the best game of the year.” I could tell they were very excited to leave work and play through it all night like all the rest of you who are not me. FFX is the reason that I bought the PS2, and after almost a year of waiting with The Bouncer and Zone of the Enders… I GOT IT, BABY.

Everything2 is stoOpid. I think I agree with Stile on his statement of their elitism… fortunately/unfortunately, it’s a pretty good place for research.

<JeffreyAtW> I didn’t know opinion wasn’t appreciated here. *braces*
EDB has swallowed JeffreyAtW. JeffreyAtW was tasty!
<Imprecation> Oh, dear.
<dem bones> (I prefer to let them brace themselves first … especially if they’re still in High School)
<(darsi)> umm…. fun for all
The Oolong Man is gratified to see someone so well-prepared for the Borg, hopes Jeffrey doesn’t take it badly.

This week has been hella cool. On Monday, I finished up that massive photomontage. You can check it out, in the new Misc. Files section. Just think of this thing, big as it is already, 8 freaking feet by 16 freaking feet. Not just regular feet, but freaking feet. It was hung up in my school’s theater for this “Memorial Project” which “touched the hearts” of anyone who came in contact with anyone who even heard a whisper about it. I got about a million compliments (sorry, I’ve been reading Catcher in the Rye lately) about how great my flag is. It’ll be laminated and then put up in the school library for the rest of the year. Huh. And I did this just to get a grade.

I’m also in the middle of a play right now. It’s called “The Gypsy Marker,” a seriously abridged version of “The Tooth of Crime” by Sam Shepard. God, is it terrible. Peter, the director, did an awful job of editing the once X-rated script into a soft, mushy, chewable PG story for kids with bunnies and happiness. At least I’m doing a great job of acting. I’m really, really loud, and I actually understand the “slang.” That’s all that matters. And yes, my ego is explosive.

I also added a MIDI called Cave Theme. I just forgot to add it a while ago. And some other links are fixed on the MIDI page.

Well, it’s a hectic day today. The first thing I have to do is get a signature from a school official for this exchange program, to confirm that I’m going to JAPAN~! this summer. If I don’t have it postmarked by today, there’s no use in celebrating. :(

I also finished up the giant, colossal, huge, and sorta big photomontage backdrop for my drama project (no drama involved!). All we have to do is mount it and put it up. That may prove to be harder than it sounds, since the 370-ish pieces of paper that make the thing up are fastened by only Scotch tape…

I need to get signatures from teachers and such for attending Japanese again this spring at my community college (I flunked it last time). Then, sooner or later, I need to go back to the college and fill out even MORE forms…

I also have to “babysit” for my sister’s friend, who is terrible with homework. This involves wasting valuable time watching over her like a hawk while getting paid $25 a week. It’s not that bad… at least I sorta get to do some homework in the meantime.

Then I have to go to the post office before 5. As I said, this Japan scholarship thing must be sent by today. I hope like HELL that my counselor has enough time to sign those forms.

And then, finally, tech performance of my play a few cities away, taking up the rest of the evening (and making me miss the second night of Hanukkah >:( ).

Holy crap, just listing all the stuff I have to do is wearing me out. It’s time to watch Hyakugojyuuichi or something for some relaxation.

“TV Says / Donuts are high in fat / Kazoo / Found a hobo in my room / It’s Princess Leia / The yodel of life / Give me my sweater back / Or I’ll play the guitar”

Since I’m not in the mood to blog and I was chattin’ a lot today, here’s a funny quote.

<JeffreyAtW> We are now free to frolick in the fields
* JeffreyAtW frolicks
* Jonathan frolicks
* JeffreyAtW is in ANOTHER FIELD
<Jonathan> damn you beat me too it
* Jonathan trips on a rock and cracks his head open. ‘damn field’
<JeffreyAtW> Hehee

I’m all alone.

As many of you probably know (and can’t read this), @Home has cut off their service due to bankruptcy. I was up late last night to experience the rush of being kicked off the net, but decided to fall asleep instead. I wake up, and the harsh idea becomes reality.

Fortunately, my dad’s got a great ol’ job at Sun Microsystems, and he gets free DSL for his business. So I’m using that instead… through a firewall, though. So I can’t chat or recieve POP3 email. It sucks, but life goes on. I’m just really lucky that we’re all so connected. Condolences go out to the people whose lives will be -totally- ruined by this inconvenience.

The only reason I can pause to blog is because it’s late at night and I’m too tired to do anything else that I should be doing.

First off – I’m making this ASSIVE photomontage of the American flag for my drama class. The photomontage consists of pictures related to terrorism (Osama bin Hidin’, anthrax, etc.), and they come together to make up the flag. It will stand at a towering 7 x 16 feet, and it will be used as a backdrop for the performance my class is doing.

I’m not part of the performance because I show no emotion at all about this terrorism crap. I just chose to do something alternate. Only problem, though – I’ve gone through two $30 color ink cartridges, and the deadline is coming up FAST.

Second – I’m still working on my 25-page essay on Music in Early America. Pretty hard to find information about that, but I’m getting along. I’ve got to write 5 more pages this weekend. Ugh.

Third – My comic. Oh, my comic. I work up to the last minute (sometimes even after) on my comics, which is a very bad comic artist trait. But I’m glad to be doing it, since lots of people are reading it. Hooray.

Fourth – GOLDEN SUN IS THE BEST AND IT WILL EAT YOU. Camelot is now one of my favorite game companies. They’ve come a long way since Shining Force, but they still retain their own style. The GBA’s capabilities are amazing. The music detail is also amazing… too bad Motoi Sakuraba didn’t do his best job, IMO…

Fifth – “Pants” in Japanese means “panties.” Go figure.