Well, it’s a hectic day today. The first thing I have to do is get a signature from a school official for this exchange program, to confirm that I’m going to JAPAN~! this summer. If I don’t have it postmarked by today, there’s no use in celebrating. 🙁

I also finished up the giant, colossal, huge, and sorta big photomontage backdrop for my drama project (no drama involved!). All we have to do is mount it and put it up. That may prove to be harder than it sounds, since the 370-ish pieces of paper that make the thing up are fastened by only Scotch tape…

I need to get signatures from teachers and such for attending Japanese again this spring at my community college (I flunked it last time). Then, sooner or later, I need to go back to the college and fill out even MORE forms…

I also have to “babysit” for my sister’s friend, who is terrible with homework. This involves wasting valuable time watching over her like a hawk while getting paid $25 a week. It’s not that bad… at least I sorta get to do some homework in the meantime.

Then I have to go to the post office before 5. As I said, this Japan scholarship thing must be sent by today. I hope like HELL that my counselor has enough time to sign those forms.

And then, finally, tech performance of my play a few cities away, taking up the rest of the evening (and making me miss the second night of Hanukkah >:( ).

Holy crap, just listing all the stuff I have to do is wearing me out. It’s time to watch Hyakugojyuuichi or something for some relaxation.

“TV Says / Donuts are high in fat / Kazoo / Found a hobo in my room / It’s Princess Leia / The yodel of life / Give me my sweater back / Or I’ll play the guitar”

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