Typed From Grace's

Yesterday was, and today is a very interesting day. Right now I’m wearing a small-size t-shirt – it’s Grace’s, in fact. She says that since we’re going to a show at Slim’s, we have to dress up all “indie fuck.” I love pretending I know what that means. I only have large shirts. This feels strange yet wonderful.

I finally saw the Two Towers yesterday, with Chris, Shannon, Noah and Grace, at their friend Zsophia’s house. And yes, I provided bedding for Grace again. Blah. :P

I’m feeling really old recently. It’s ’cause of a lot of things. First of all, all of my friends are in school. I have to wait until they get home so I can talk to them. I could hang out during lunch with them, but it still makes me feel out of place. There’s also the question of the Sexy Losers cameo… and other “love-life” type stuff that’s happened quite recently. Good times.

Awwwwight, I believe that’s enough of a summary for now. I’m-a see Rufio later tonight, and they don’t sound too awful. Always good to try something new.

The past day

…was 48 hours long.

Saturday morning, I got a lot of website design done for the drummer, Dave Getz. I finally made a site that he likes. Once it’s public I’ll show it off here.

I headed into the city by myself at 2, and arrived at the Metreon. I was quite early for the LiveJournal meetup, which started at 4, so I indulged in some Parappa the Rapper 2 at the PlayStation store, where I kicked everyone’s ass on Versus mode. The DDR Extreme machine was turned off. 4 came around, and I met up with Shannon. Shortly afterward came Sean, Erwin, Richie, Stephanie, Claudine, Kathy, Randee, Joe, Kenny, Aaron, John, Paolo, Christal, Katie, and of course, Chris. (Fear the complete list, compiled by Chris and me. Uwahaha.)

Since the DDR machine was down, there was no cute tournament or anything that would have led to free LJ paid memberships, or something of the sort… so instead, we all decided on a movie early – Pirates of the Caribbean was almost unanimous, although it was my 3rd time seeing it – and got ourselves some tickets. We then spent some time browsing the comic book store in the Metreon, where the main event was Paolo putting panties on his head and running around yelling “pantsu!” for a while. I discussed Japanization (sp?) of American comics with some people. Fun times.

We then hung out on the top floor of the Metreon, where Grace stopped by, and I forgot to greet her. Eheh. I went and got some Jack in the Box with Sean and Richie, and then shared some music on my Axim with a few folks. The time for the movie finally came. Having already seen it a few times, it was fun to recite the more memorable lines in the movie when they came along, like every time Jack says “that’s interesting,” or the famous “ghost stories” line, etc. etc. The movie is watchable over and over, and that’s a good thing.

The DDR machine had started working as we exited the movie theater, so we got in a few rounds, where I did a horrible job at Paranoia Survivor (my record is 2 goods, 1 boo, 2 misses – today wasn’t even close). Noah showed up, played a round with Randee, and treated a bunch of us to discounts at the Starbucks downstairs, since he works at Starbucks. I tried the Tazo Citrus drinko, and it was pretty good.

Sooner or later we all left the Metreon, and a few people piled into my car for a trip to the Do-Re-Mi karaoke bar in Japantown. But uh… they had to wait for a while, as I had lost my ticket to the parking garage, so I had to give the parking garage attendants my license and registration, and pay $20… fortunately, it wasn’t much more than it would have cost for the time I was in the garage, anyway.

We stopped off at Denny’s since we had reserved a karaoke room for a bit later, and I had the Meat Lover’s skillet again, which kicks ass. I forgot to use my free Denny’s drink coupon. Yeeeup.

Karaoke was supar fun. I sorta hogged the mic a lot, yet I got the opportunity to butcher a few Linkin Park songs, which are a big hit amongst the LJ crowd, for some reason. I chose Eye of the Tiger and Say Say Say (by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson), and those were mostly solo performances by me… but yeah. Karaoke’s always fun with a partay.

Instead of heading back to Chris’s for after-hours activities, we headed to Erwin’s apartment, which is a really nice 1-bedroom apartment in the city. Not much alcohol was there, and I knew from a start that it was a good thing, and we all realized it soon enough. Parties without depressed drunk people are a good thing. Much Dreamcast fighting gaming was had, and I showed everyone Arfenhouse The Movie 2, although the reception was lukewarm. I talked to Grace about how I’m over-analytical as usual and her plans for moving to Oregon. It’ll definitely be a lifestyle change, and I hope it’s better for her.

Grace told me sleep was for the weak, so she vowed to not let me fall asleep. What ended up happening was that SHE fell asleep and I tried to spend the rest of the night sleeping next to her *light* snoring. Eheheh. No luck. Whatever.

So, a few hours later, I left Erwin’s apartment to find my car that I had parked on some street, and about half an hour later of searching identical San Francisco streets, I found it. And lo and behold, I was given a parking ticket for parking in on a curb where street-cleaning was taking place – the goddamn sign was completely faded away, though! I even tried reading really closely to see what the deal was. Argh. Not fair. But I paid it anyway.

So, today was spent cleaning my room out – sorting things to keep in storage, bring to college, and throw away – and shopping for a few things. It was really, REALLY hot today. It was over 100 degrees down at the Village mall. It felt good every time we stepped into a store there, since they’re all air-conditioned. I got myself some fancy-looking walking shoes, as well as a desk lamp, a new wallet, and a small color printer.

When I got home, I compensated for loss of sleep, and woke up with the bed completely drenched in sweat. Midday naps + blazing temperatures will do that for you.

And now I need to do some more web design, as I said I’d be finished designing all the pages for one of my clients by the end of the week and – what do you know – it’s the end of the week. And geez, I just noticed that I need to make a CAR as well. No rest for the Jeffrey…er…nator.

Eh. I don’t feel like taking over Chris‘s duties, and I’m sure he’ll post this in due time, but I’ve been asked this by someone else so I might as well make an informal announcement:

The LJ meetup is at 4:00 PM at the Metreon, on Saturday. If you haven’t been to one before, we’ll probably be meeting out at the waterfall circle in the lawn in Yerba Buena center (right outside, between the Metreon and the MoMA.

There’ll be a small DDR tournament in front of the movie theater shortly afterwards, followed by dinner, and we’ll pick a movie to watch. Afterwards, there might be karaoke in Japantown, amongst other super-fun activities.

This is, at least, what I’ve heard from Chris as of this evening, and it’s just so people know it’s at least still happening. I’m sure Chris will post something soon.

Loveline Drop Soundboard!

I give you my newest invention:

The Loveline Drop Soundboard.

It contains commonly-used sound bytes that sound guy Anderson uses for comedic relief during the show. When timed well, they’re the best part of the show, aside from the inane callers.

It’s less than a megabyte in size, yet there are 160 clips – that means that you should view it in full screen, or maybe download it and display it in IE (or Flash player) from your computer.

Have fun, and yes, worshipping me would be nice, too.

OMG my roommate.

My roommate’s name is Anthony Christopher Moura. I’ve got his UCSC email address and his phone number. I can’t pinpoint him on the internet, but there is a report about Great America with his name in it, and he’s described as a high school senior… and his area code points to San Jose. So that was most definitely him mentioned in the report.

Dude, there are so many things I want to find out about him. I’m hoping we become good friends. But here’s something I do know – he doesn’t have a website! :o

DDR Sim Songs!

I’ve made a bunch of step files over the past year, but I haven’t publicized them at all. I’ll put up a step file page on my site pretty soon, but for now, you can download them here. They’re in SMZIP form, since they should really be played with StepMania. I haven’t tested them out in DWI, and they might just need a good ol’ AutoSync.

Casper – Cha Cha Slide (steps by Lily, my sister)
Crystal Waters feat. DJ Escape – Come On Down (AtW Edit) (steps by Lily, Challenge by me)
Spiller Groovejet – If This Ain’t Love (AtW Edit)
Vib Ribbon – Laugh and Beats (Tournamix 4 Entry)
Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Challenge only)
Nobuo Uematsu – One Winged Angel (Long Version)
Taku Iwasaki – Theme to Read or Die


Emotional = Egocentric = Who Cares?

Wow, this is a good picture.
I came back from an energetic movie a few nights ago, and the “extreme” feeling of racing through the suburbs to return back home really got me to thinking – with my mundane lifestyle, am I really happy?

I’m definitely not sad. Only good things are happening in my life right now, and I have a whole lot to be thankful for. Regularly, I’m not emotional at all. I go and do things, I have fun, I eat, sleep, talk, go about the usual things – but I never throw fits of rage, joy, sadness, or anything of the sort. I’m level-headed, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m happy with that. I know people who live on the extremes – those who go through major ups and downs – and although I still respect them and have many of them as friends, I don’t want to be like them.

What would make me happy, though? Do I want to feel happy? Can I have a major up without having a major down?

I return to my statement that I’m thrown off by the concept of relationships between girlfriends and boyfriends, and the like. I tried one earlier this year. I was disenchanted. Nothing went wrong in the relationship at all – we got along very well, we did things together… but what made me want to get out of it was what wasn’t there, rather than what was there.

Maybe a reason I don’t want to look for anyone else as a significant other is not the fact that I think the whole concept is dumb, or that I’m unemotional, or that I’m disillusioned by the whole “prize possession” factor of having a girlfriend (rather than being a boyfriend)… I think the reason is because I’ve found someone, and we can’t be together.

Like I said, I’m an honest person. I just won’t mention her because she might not want to be mentioned in public… if you ask me privately I’d be glad to tell you.

I had a conversation with her last night. She’s already seeing someone. But she’s amazed at how alike we are, and thinks that it’s a shame we can’t be closer than just very good friends. But neither of us are interested in breaking any moral codes – she loves the one she’s with. But the fact that she sees this in the same light as I do to such a degree made me cry. I wasn’t crying because of sadness, nor was I crying because of happiness… I still don’t know what I was feeling. It was just a release of what’s built up inside me over the past few months in terms of yearning for her. I knew this was the only solution a long time ago, but now I’m glad that she completely understands me – I have to move on.

Where do I go from there, though? I don’t want to start looking around and coming up to every girl I see, saying they’re cute, giving them a whole bunch of material stuff, running errands, etc. etc. etc… that just makes me a “player.” I’m sure I’m capable of finding “girlfriends” on that level – I’m attractive, smart, clean, and a million other things that I can boast about for hours on end.

My solution? I can’t wait until UC Santa Cruz. I can’t wait to make friends there. My friends, no matter how emotional, unemotional, superficial, or deep, are the ones that make me a happy person, and I know I’ll find people in my new college setting that make me feel wanted, like I feel now.

<CHEESYENDING>Until then, I’ll love the ones I’m with… my friends!</CHEESYENDING>