DDR Sim Songs!

I’ve made a bunch of step files over the past year, but I haven’t publicized them at all. I’ll put up a step file page on my site pretty soon, but for now, you can download them here. They’re in SMZIP form, since they should really be played with StepMania. I haven’t tested them out in DWI, and they might just need a good ol’ AutoSync.
Casper – Cha Cha Slide (steps by Lily, my sister)
Crystal Waters feat. DJ Escape – Come On Down (AtW Edit) (steps by Lily, Challenge by me)
Spiller Groovejet – If This Ain’t Love (AtW Edit)
Vib Ribbon – Laugh and Beats (Tournamix 4 Entry)
Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (Challenge only)
Nobuo Uematsu – One Winged Angel (Long Version)
Taku Iwasaki – Theme to Read or Die


  1. hmm
    i only downloaded “move your feet”… i dunno, the dwi bpm seemed a tad off? I got a AAA first try but it still seemed a bit like… i dunno.
    and again, not to be insulting or anything, but for challenge steps… those were a bit too easy. =X

    1. Re: hmm
      If you can AAA them, then they’re close enough.
      I make them as hard as I feel like making them. The reason I made them Challenge steps in the first place was because I gave it to someone else to make the other three difficulties… and you don’t need to make Challenge steps overly difficult. I like making things that are danceable.

      1. Re: hmm
        i know. it’s just that whenever says that “danceable” thing… bmr’s v is passable (to me)… so that should tell you about what i think about a lot of “non-danceable” songs…

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