OMG my roommate.

My roommate’s name is Anthony Christopher Moura. I’ve got his UCSC email address and his phone number. I can’t pinpoint him on the internet, but there is a report about Great America with his name in it, and he’s described as a high school senior… and his area code points to San Jose. So that was most definitely him mentioned in the report.
Dude, there are so many things I want to find out about him. I’m hoping we become good friends. But here’s something I do know – he doesn’t have a website! 😮


  1. This has nothing to do with your post, but…
    Sorry about that really odd post of mine that suddenly disappeared.  My friend tried to update his LiveJournal from a computer I was already logged in on.  *lol*  The post was intended to go here instead.  You sure left that comment quickly!  🙂
    – Chris (cK1)

  2. I’m slated for a double this semester, but don’t have a roommate assigned yet… having had a single last year, I’m not eager to share space, but having a double-room to myself would kick. If I get that, though, I’ll live in prepetual anxiety of whether or not someone will eventually come knocking on my door looking for a room. Woe is me, maybe.

  3. oh my! i did the exact same thing – look my roommate up on the internet… but what i found was her amazon wishlist, and pictures! i’m very excited about meeting her!
    hi, i’m Kathleen, by the way… incoming Cowell freshman.

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