Oh, me. Me, me, me, me, me.

I’m going to be made a mod for ucsc, cuz all the other mods have graduated and don’t keep up with the community… and I’m on LiveJournal one hell of a lot too much.

Actually, this isn’t official or anything despite the fact that everyone on the community appears to be voting for me, and stuff. The mod who posted the entry about a new mod hasn’t responded yet. I just like being pre-emptive on these sorts of things and letting it go to my head because my ego totally needs boosts like these sometimes.

I, good sirs, am the KING OF LIVEJOURNAL.

MIDI whaat???

Presto by Osamu Kubota
I had some free time (more like hours I should have spent sleeping) this week, so I made a MIDI. First one I actually felt like making myself in years! And it’s of a beatmania IIDX song. Enjoy and give me feedbag.

ps2 byebye :(

Here is PS2!

Wait!… something is not right! Where is rest of PS2??? Why not look over…

THERE. Yeah, I saw this comin’ a mile away…

I’ve been keeping the PS2’s top case off because I’ve recently been having to adjust the height of the laser every single freaking time I played a game, so I kept the top case nearby because the power/reset buttons were attached to them.

So today I go to turn it on, trip over a controller wire, and the entire thing flies off my desk. WHOOPS! There goes the top of the case, and the cable connecting the power/reset buttons to the inside of the PS2 goes flying off, breaking off a small piece of the motherboard along the way. So now, basically, I can’t turn the PS2 on or (un-)eject the disc drive, because I can’t reach the port inside the PS2 to reattach the small plastic piece and plug the cable back in.

It’s a lost cause at this point. Even if I do, by some miracle, get that small piece back in (which would require further disassembly of the PS2), it’ll still work totally crappily because the lens in the disc drive still works like shit. Oh well. Hello to more PSP I guess. :\

I stole this from SOLILOQUIAL!

You can ask me any 6 questions, no matter how personal, inappropriate, dirty, or random, unless it’s asking me what ATW stands for.

I promise to answer the questions 100% truthfully.

I don’t think it’ll take me like a week to respond to all your questions because this requires you to do a little more than just type “comment” or whatever.

In other news, I’m currently failing Music History, and given the amount of time I spend studying for the tests (a lot), I doubt I’ll be passing it. Say hello to 5 grand, dad!


Some girl in the lab just now was talking about this Staples commercial she saw where a guy had to remember what this woman said, and he forgot, but all he had to do was press the “easy button”… referring to how easy it is to ask questions at Staples.

But DAMN have I thought of that so much. It’s not as much an “easy button” as it is a switch. And often times I’m not sure if I’ve got it switched on or off. That is, I’m not sure if stuff comes MUCH easier to me than everyone else, like, if everyone else is trying so much harder than I am do get things done, or if I haven’t turned on some switch that everyone else has to make everything just easier to comprehend.

There’s stuff like the ear training quizzes in music that I just STORM – I mean, to me they’re goddamn simple and I never get less than 105% on them. I obviously attribute that to natural skill, since I don’t see myself really trying hard at all. That’s what we call the “easy” switch.

But then there’s stuff like reading books, where people can storm through entire novels in one night, while I have to take a nap after reading half a page. To me, that shit’s HARD.

So I guess I just disproved myself. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. But oh man one of those sorts of “easy buttons” would explain so much.


I was thinking about names we give our parents today. It’s not something we usually think about… but in all cultures of which I’m aware, we refer to our parents as “Mom” or “Dad,” or just something different from their name. Why is this?

I know that some people do refer to their parents by their names – but that usually signifies a loose or rocky relationship, or some sort of demanding or very official tone. You guys all refer to them by something other than their real name, right?

I wonder where and why this started. Of course, babies relating to their parents (or at least their mothers) is in their nature, with almost all species. But being told to refer to them by something other than their name definitely sounds cultural, if not very broad. It might be seen as a respectful title. Such as, someone becomes a prince, or a knight, or something like that – in the same respect, people become parents, therefore they can be referred to as such. But then, why only children? Is it a way for children to show respect to their elders? Is it because they are not worthy of calling them by their names. Or the opposite – is it because they are the only ones important enough to NOT refer to them by their names?

This is just one of many things we take for granted, when, if you think about it, is a little strange and hard to understand. Any thoughts?

I’ve finally decided to start using Gmail instead of Hotmail. Instant notification of mail received is nice (through MSN through Trillian), but waiting every 2 minutes for notification instead will have to do… until the plugin for Trillian is updated or I decide to use that Google Desktop thing or whatever.

A thought:

I need to find someone like me.

Clarification: Finding someone LIKE me does NOT mean I want to find someone like me so I can totally make out with them. I mean, I’m not even talking about girls, necessarily. I want to find someone who is “like” me so I can see what they’re doing with their life.

Someone who is like me would comprise of:

  • Someone who has crossed, or hasn’t crossed, the same boundaries I have, or haven’t. Substance-wise, relationship-wise, emotion-wise.
  • Tied to the first point, someone who is neutral in many respects. I don’t become super depressed, nor do I become super happy.
  • Someone who takes life easily. Someone who isn’t swayed by basically any events – simply goes through them.
  • Someone who’s been through the same family situation as I have. Constant moving, and large relationship differences between parents.
  • Someone who’s interested in the same things I am. Internet, hardware, BEMANI, writing, languages, my kinds of music, the whole shebang. You know, my LJ interests basically.
  • Someone who has some of the same talents as I do. Musically, artistically. They’d have the same viewpoint about their talents as I do.
  • Someone who strives to be social, although tends to be introverted. It’s not that they can’t thrive in a social environment, it’s that they often choose not to.
  • Someone who has the same thoughts as I do. Someone who’d find it interesting to meet someone like them. Someone existential, atheist, due to the same reasons I am.

    This is not because I want to be best buds with them. Indeed, I find a lot of my own traits reprehensible, and I’m not sure if we’d get along. I simply want to know if there IS someone out there like that. OKCupid sorta tries a bit to match people up with similar personalities, but it doesn’t really feel like the same sort of thing to me.