ps2 byebye :(

Here is PS2!

Wait!… something is not right! Where is rest of PS2??? Why not look over…

THERE. Yeah, I saw this comin’ a mile away…
I’ve been keeping the PS2’s top case off because I’ve recently been having to adjust the height of the laser every single freaking time I played a game, so I kept the top case nearby because the power/reset buttons were attached to them.
So today I go to turn it on, trip over a controller wire, and the entire thing flies off my desk. WHOOPS! There goes the top of the case, and the cable connecting the power/reset buttons to the inside of the PS2 goes flying off, breaking off a small piece of the motherboard along the way. So now, basically, I can’t turn the PS2 on or (un-)eject the disc drive, because I can’t reach the port inside the PS2 to reattach the small plastic piece and plug the cable back in.
It’s a lost cause at this point. Even if I do, by some miracle, get that small piece back in (which would require further disassembly of the PS2), it’ll still work totally crappily because the lens in the disc drive still works like shit. Oh well. Hello to more PSP I guess. :\


  1. an alternative for a college student
    How about some Hegel : “THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF MIND” might be good at this point!

  2. ow that really sucks
    i hear the new ps2s over heat if you leave them on for a while, cause they have no fan
    oh and i thought you had some sort of moded ps2 cause of the refelection
    your play station is so shiney

      1. What kind of fiddling, exactly? I’d like to know as a fellow fliptop PS2 owner, in the hope that I’ll be able to avoid potential PS2 explodification, y’know?

        1. BTW, it was probably just a cute choice of words, but my PS2 didn’t really explode. 😛 I just noticed after I took the picture that there’s a big dark spot on the bottom of the motherboard… I think that’s just from 4 years of the CPU sitting there. The real problem is the disc reading. You know.
          And actually, I’m not really sure what led to the lens being so unreliable. For a lot of games I’d get that clicking nonsense, so I’d open up the lid some times to make it stop clicking… and sometimes the disc would fly out… it might also be the laser’s old age. A whole bunch of people with non-modded PS2s are starting to get disc read errors as well.

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