Yay: Next quarter I’m-a be secretary of the Porter Senate! I won the election! Hell, I won so hard, no one even ran against me!

Nay: I went to Late Night and they had these awful “hamburger pizza” things. But they said the patties were vegan, so I obliged. I’m burping up a storm here and my stomach feels like hell, so it probably wasn’t vegan. That’s really shitty on the dining hall’s part.

Ride to the Bay Area?

Does anyone need a ride to the Bay Area from Santa Cruz some time next week? I don’t have anything next week except for a paper due on Tuesday, and I might finish it beforehand.

Gimme a shout in case you’d like a ride up, because my schedule is extremely flexible. Got nothing to do at all. But I would like to know when I’m going up just to alert my parents and all.


<James> http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/2939/pincheputitoes4loldfmg7.jpg
<James> NO
<Dub> ….
<Dub> kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy……………….
<bruk> agh
<Jeffrey> fuck
<Jeffrey> FUCK
<bruk> too much hair on that thing to be a dolphin
<James> How does he breathe?
<James> WHy would someone even do that?
<Jeffrey> …
<Jeffrey> where are his ears
<James> I suppose http://www.mgroves.com/images/do_not_want.jpg works
<Jeffrey> no it doesn’t
<Jeffrey> it never does
<JackAcid> jeffrey you is such a negative nilly
<Dub> Better Negative Nilly than Douggie Dolphin


I just read Ahmadinejad’s letter to the U.S., and really… it’s right on. I do find, as always, that the connection between Zionism and the impeded rights of the Palestinian people is somewhat exaggerated… but who am I to say?

As much as Iran is “evil” in America’s eyes, you really should take it upon yourself to read this.

Ultimate Beverage?

Yeah so I was thinking about this recently.

I heard that Starbucks now has this coffee liqueur drink – so you get caffeinated and buzzed at the same time. And there’s also Sparks, which is an alcoholic carbonated energy drink…

So all we need now is a carbonated caffeinated alcoholic coffee beverage and we will probably have made the Ultimate Beverage. Maybe the reason there is nothing like that so far is because the resulting chemical reaction would cause a black hole.

Well hey I think it’s the way to go. So, making a black hole. Who’s with me?