Pimped and rocked out at the same time

Just so people know it’s mine and not theirs:


    1. The Wii? Pretty much all it’s cracked up to be. A great new approach to video games that’s extremely easy to approach, and a lot of fun in groups. The remote is simple, responsive, and in most cases there’s no noticeable lag.

      1. The remote’s what really interests me… could never assign myself to passionately defend a console itself outside of which one has the better games and the like. The wii remote looked like it’d be a pretty innovative toy, but judging by what I’ve seen and heard, I can easily imagine it getting tiring and annoying pretty quick. Did I judge too fast?

        1. It’s not tiring or annoying. Especially for the generation of people that tried guiding Mario’s jumps by swinging the NES controller around wildly, it actually makes a lot of sense as an extra kind of directional contraption. Not gimmicky in the slightest.

  1. Cept that most caffeinated alcoholic drinks suck (Sparks esp) and I think it is still better to mix, say, a red bull and vodka than to buy a single drink that has both.

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