Some memes and stuff

Ha ha Paul.

First, taken from Randee: Bemani survey.

Favorite DDR Song – ECSTASY (midnight blue mix)
Favorite Beatmania Song – 20, November
Worst Beatmania Song – area code
Favorite IIDX Song – stoic
Worst IIDX Song – Macho Gang
Worst GF/DM Song – Haven’t heard a bad one!
Favorite DanceManiax Song – MATSURI JAPAN
Worst DanceManiax Song – Baila! Baila!
Favorite ParaPara Song – DELUXE
Worst ParaPara song – BOOM BOOM FIRE
Favorite Pop’n Music song – Dream Posession
Worst Pop’n Music song – Haven’t played enough.
Favorite Keyboard Mania song – The Least 100sec
Worst Keyboard Mania song – Haven’t played enough.

And now my little thingyding to which you can add your own polictical (sic) views if you’d like:

I would be disappointed if Dean won.
I would be glad if Kerry won.
I would be confused if Edwards won.
I would be overjoyed if Clark won.
I would be baffled and worried if Kucinich won.
I would move to Canada if Bush won.

Very bored.

Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Cady: heya
Me: Yoyo.
Me: I WIN!!!
Me: 1000 POINTS
Cady: oooo shit

I shouldn’t have stopped playing FFXI for tonight. I’ve been sitting in front of the computer screen for an hour, shifting through my webcomics and my friend entries and stuff. I did work on my program for my Comp Sci class, though, which is more work than I had planned to do tonight. So I guess that puts me in the clear.

I’ll blog about what I did this weekend. It was jam-packed full of things.

Friday, a lot of people headed down to the Boardwalk. I faced off with my friend Steven, from College 8 – I don’t know him too well besides through playing DDR, but he’s in my math class, so we greet each other often, at least. A few of my friends from the women’s hall hung out there too – Saku is getting quite good at Percussion Freaks and Oniko at Dance Maniax. There’s also Otis, who’s from Porter, and uh, damn, I forgot his name, but he’s from Crown. Both of them are high 9-footers. I’ll probably be playing more often with them. There’s also Alex from Cabrillo, the community college – we played the Paranoia Brothers MAX2 oni, and boy did that hurt. I got a good night’s sleep after doing that.

Next, uh, afternoon, after lunch, I… wait, I didn’t do much. Yeah, I played FFXI.

Friday night, though, I was invited by a friend from Wilderness Orientation (a Sierra trip I had gone on before school started) to go to a “dinner party” at his house. So I boarded the bus with a few other WO people, and all of a sudden, we were in the middle of a frat party. Or at least, a whole busload of rowdy, drunk college “students.” It was quite an experience. Well, it was entertaining until a brawl broke out and people started throwing up all over the bus.

After cussing out the bus driver for some odd reason, the frat party got off the bus, and we continued to our destination.

Once we got there, we were greeted by our host, and offered some beer or wine. Since he had nothing else, I poured myself a glass and just munched on some grapes and cheese, and played some cards to wait for a few more people to arrive. People started to file in – people I had never seen before. Sooner or later, the place was packed with everyone BUT people from WO, and there was no dinner food to be found.

As soon as I couldn’t really move anymore, I decided to leave. I had had only two glasses of wine, but I was dizzy. It’s either I’m a lightweight, or that wine was really cheap.

At least it was an experience. I’ve really never been to a college party. First time for everything. I didn’t have any dinner, though. Eh.

But today was TEH EVENT: the UCSC 3rd annual Tetris tournament. YES. I’ve got Tetris on my Pocket PC and I play it all the time. So why wouldn’t I sign up?

About 30 people had signed up to play, so we were split into 8 groups and played round-robin within the groups. The winners went onto quarter-finals, then semi-finals, then finals, then the FINAL BATTLE.

There weren’t Tetris arcade machines there, or Nintendos, or whatever – instead, there were four computers set up with the ZSNES emulator, running Tetris Battle Gaiden, some weird Japanese version with a CHARACTER SELECT. That can’t be good.

What it meant was that each character has their own special moves – and when pulled off at the opportune moment, they can seriously screw up their opponent. No one wishes it was so. I’d so rock everyone if it was normal Tetris, but with this new angle, it was greatly based on luck… and I only made it to the semi-finals. Meh. I guess it would have taken too long if it was just a regular game of Tetris. I can play for quite an amount of time.

That was my weekend. Fun times. Did new stuff. Hung with new people. Wouldn’t mind if all weekends were like this.

Oh and my roommate was out of town so I could sleep NAKED. Yeah, that’s right. You GET that mental image.

Comics I Read

This is an LJ-only post because you bastards probably wouldn’t read a link if I posted it, so I’m posting what’s in the link instead. I just finished writing the Comics section of my Links section – I keep up with all of these daily and YOU SHOULD TOO.

CrazyKimchi by Hyung Sun Kim – It’s a random comic about Hyung and his characters from previous comics, along with two other comics, Kung Fool! and Glendale High Manga Club. He’s an amazing artist, and quite smart, too… and he provides some very entertaining links with every update.

Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens – A pixellated webcomic about robots and romance. The humor’s quite strange, but it’s made me laugh quite a lot… and it makes fun of scenesters.

Digital War by Ewan Baird – An “adventure” comic about War and his uh, war against evil ISP’s. It’s got a lot of awkward action sequences, but he’s improving.

Dominic Deegan by Michael Terracciano – I’ve been following this one since the beginning, and it’s one of my favorites. Updated every weekday, this comic is loaded with top-notch action, drama, and humor. And it’s one of the most unique ones I’ve come across.

El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive – What started as the usual “high schooler making dirty jokes” comic is now some epic story about a bunch of furries attacking the world, or something. It’s really complicated, but it’s somewhat addictive, so I’m hooked.

Elftor by Alex Adams-Kane – A politically incorrect MS Paint comic, both hilarious and quite true. Don’t read it if you’re easily insulted.

girly by Josh Lesnick – An absurdist romance comedy by the creator of Wendy, and another one of my favorites. I’ve been reading Josh’s work since the mid-nineties and he’s only gotten better and better.

Kidd Radd by Dan Miller – A very well-written 100% original sprite comic about an 80’s video game character and his adventures as he battles the Mods. If you hate sprite comics, you’ll love this.

Lizard by Dave Kelly – I read everything by Dave Kelly, and this strictly-PG work of his is updated every single day. It’s cute, funny, and often falls into crazy bouts of making fun of itself.

Mac Hall by Ian McConville – The average college dorm comic. It’s quite amusing in its own right, but the astounding art is what has made it one of the most popular webcomics out there.

Mall Monkeys by Eric Drobile – I like to call this comic a “cut and paste plus” comic, as a lot of the art is copied, but it’s drawn by one of the most talented young artists I’ve ever seen. And yeah, it’s non-PC and disgustingly humorous.

Men In Hats by Aaron Farber – Minimalistic witty insight at its finest. The title says the rest.

Our Home Planet by GD – A sexy, stylish comic about two girls and a bunch of aliens. Quite well written, and pretty addictive, too.

Penny Arcade by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins – Of course I read Penny Arcade. The most popular comic on the internet pokes constant fun at the gaming world, and Mike (art) and Jerry (writing) display an equal amount of mindblowing talent.

Purple Pussy by Dave Kelly – Dave Kelly’s not-so-PG “comic for girls” is quite random, and quite hilarious. He experiments with different types of story, humor, and media all throughout the comic.

Real Life by Greg Dean – Dean’s a guy with lots of parallels to my life, and he makes his mundane life very, very funny through his daily comic. It’s quite similar to CAR, only less absurdist and more… smart. What’s more, I hung out with Greg at a con once, and he told me that he’s read my comic and enjoyed it. Woo!

River City High by Patrick Schulteis – The only River City Ransom sprite comic on the net. I can’t see it getting any funnier or any closer to the feel of the game. It’s also got some great Photoshop and Flash work.

RPG World by Ian Jones-Quartey – Another one of my favorites that I’ve been reading since the beginning. RPG World is a humorous adventure comic with strikingly accurate portrayals of RPG clichés, and a good plot, too. Ian’s my bud; you can see a guest comic of mine in the archive.

Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan – An awesome gag comic about a guy and his teddy-bear friend. I’d say it’s reminiscent of Jhonen Vasquez’s work, only the art is better, the writing is funnier, and it’s much lighter.

Sara and David by Alex Aberle – I don’t really know why I still read this one. The humor is more miss than hit, and I barely know what’s going on most of the time. But it’s done in total 3D, which is kinda cool.

Stubble by Josh Mirman – The most “real” comic I can think of, even though the story’s a bit cliché, and some of the events are over-the-top. The characters have some of the best development I’ve seen, though, and it’s really great to see Josh’s evolving art style as the comic progresses.

The 10K Commotion by Yukon Makoto – A true Dance Dance Revolution manga, with amazing art and characters. It’s a story about two DDR teams and their battle for the grand price of $10,000 at a tournament in Hawaii.

The Morning Improv by Scott McCloud – The legendary Scott McCloud runs a daily webcomic, which features a bunch of short comics with titles suggested by readers. No matter the subject or medium, Scott’s comics are greatly entertaining.

Best photo ever

This is probably the best picture ever taken of me, done by Christina from the women’s hall.

The film was positioned incorrectly in the camera, and it caused the photo to develop off-center, truncating the rest of my body. But I like where it gets cut off. You can still make out my pixel commie shirt.

Proctor Awesomeness

The proctors that work at Porter College are the best proctors in the world.

“Cowboy” Chris, one of our proctors, is a cowboy in every sense of the word. He always sports a cowboy hat, and he’s an expert with lassos and whips. This morning, he taught us how to use whips.

Max and I ran through the A and B buildings trying to round up people for a whip lesson in the dining hall, but everyone was either out downtown or at some party on River Street (the “party” district of Santa Cruz, it seems), so it was basically just us.

Chris brought his bag o’ whips and ropes to the stage of the dining hall and gave us a run-down on whip basics. He demonstrated a whole bunch of different techniques, with two whips at once – he also brought a bunch of styrofoam and plastic cups, which he shredded, or just sliced in two.

All I can do now is a “circus” move where I rotate the whip over my head and bring it down to my side, but I might take a few more lessons with him over the weekend. I also pulled Ron from Saku‘s room and got him to try out the whips. He caught on rather quickly. Quite fun stuff.

My hands really hurt, though, since these whips are quite heavy and quite… well… leather. I’m bound to have giant callouses on my hands when I wake up later this morning. But as for my arms – well, they don’t hurt yet. Chris was sorta surprised; most people feel it pretty quickly in their arms. I must be SUPERWOMAN.

Woo it’s 3:00 and I guess that means it’s sleep time.

Altitude (Red Square Reprise)

Hmm, I don’t know why I feel like making so many stepfiles all of a sudden. But this one sounds so nice and it was the perfect length to turn into a DDR song. I love Hybrid. It took me about as long to make the steps as it did to make the background – and steps usually take me a while. It was really hard to find a good-sized Hybrid logo (so I had to retouch a small one), and the background took a while to be, uh, stolen from Caedes.

Once again, this is intended for StepMania, but playable on Dance With Intensity if you remove the “sm” from the “.smzip” extension.