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I’ve got two empty periods at school today. One was cancelled because all of the juniors (i.e. 90% of the students) had to leave to program their schedule for next period. The other is the big, moist, overstretched gaping hole where Jazz Chorus used to be.

So I says to myself, I haven’t touched this goddamn excuse for a blog in quite a while… why not write something.

Okay, well here’s something… there are some who hate blogs. They think they’re awful wastes of time and take pity on anyone who reads them. They complain so much about people wasting their lives droning away about their personal lives that they flood chatrooms and discussion boards with their rants about how stupid blogs are.

Dude, no one really cares. If you want your voice to be heard by the willing, get a blog or something.

I don’t want to recap every single time that I went to the arcade over the past week, but believe me when I say there was a whole lot of DDR. Some of my accomplishments have been and will be better portrayed in my comic, but you can see my MAX300 video posted down below. Good times were had by all, I’m sure.

Oh, here’s a blast from the past – believe it or not, I had no Valentine this year. Even so, I bought a Hershey’s Pot of Gold and this giant-ass helium heart balloon and paraded around school with it. (Don’t worry, I shared the chocolate with my friends…) So I wanted to piss off the “original” and “punk rock” people at the Oasis by prancing around with a balloon and making them question my sexuality through vulgar comments. But, eh, no one was there. So instead, James and I went to the arcade and did the “Love Heart” Nonstop course on DDR Extreme…

…bye bye, baby balloon…

My family was away in Mexico this whole week, and I had the house to myself. My assignment was to make sure the pets didn’t die or crap in my dad’s shoes, and to animate some goddamn giant thing I’ll never do again. No, no giant parties were thrown at my abandoned house. I just sat on my ass and animated all week. But I did see a few movies.

Daredevil = Bad.
About Schmidt = Good.
Shanghai Knights = Bad.

My friends beg to differ, but I’m more mature and smarter than them and they can go suck an egg.

Yeah, did I mention you should watch the goddamn large animation? Do that.

My sister returned from her vacation to Mexico with stitches inside her mouth and a hairline fracture in the bone above her front teeth, complete with a black eye and multiple bruises around her body. She’s an experienced horseback rider, but those stupid Mexican horses don’t know when to stop when she tells them to – her futile command to stop sent her flying into the side of a mountain. She’ll be okay, although she might have a bruised lip by the time that all of our relatives fly in for her Bat Mitzvah, and everyone’s too worried about her face to play soccer.

Meh. I’m sorta glad I stayed home. It was a definite statement of independence and what my life will probably be like when I get out of school… I mean, my ideal job would be doing freelance work at home.

Hooray, now that I’m done with this blog, I’ve got yet another period to sit on my ass and do nothing. This is the kind of stuff that gets me into college.

Should be in class

Today’s been horrible, but I’ll get to that in a second.

My twin cousins, Adam and Matthew, had their Bar Mitzvahs over the weekend in New York City. They’re fraternal twins, although that’s strange, since they look almost exactly the same. But anyway!

I stayed over at my mom’s on Wednesday night for the first time in about a year, because we (mom, my sister, me) had to get to Oakland Airport pretty early. I drove there, and such. Hooray.

The plane ride was rather good, although we went on an American Airlines Super 80, where there are no forms of multimedia entertainment, such as radio or television. I entertained myself with Snood and Solitaire and my 128MB Secure Digital card full of MP3s, on my Pocket PC. We arrived at my grandma’s house and… slept.

The next day, we went to the American Museum Natural History in Manhattan and saw a pretty nice exhibit on Einstein, as well as the usual planetarium walkthrough, lookin’ at some dinosaur fossil skeletons, and observin’ some IRON PYRITE! Woo.

Then we went to a Friday night service in the same temple in which my mom and dad got married.

Then it was the morning of the Bar Mitzvah, woo hoo. For the first time in my life, I talked to my mom’s dad Joe in person. That was pretty interesting. The service went very well and Adam and Matt became Jewish adults and such. I also met up with my other set of cousins, whom I haven’t seen for quite a while.

All the kids went to the reception in a super stretch-limo van, with blasting music, a PS2 built inside it, and a whole cooler filled with soda. Overall, it was a bit too young for me, since the music almost broke the speakers, the only game the kids played was DBZ Budokai, and people accidentally broke some champagne glasses into which they had poured the soda…

But we arrived at the reception location… first, everyone was invited into a room for cocktails, and for the kids, a PS2 was connected to a projection screen. The game? DDRMAX, with two Ignition pads. I got to show off some skills and people were impressed and the like. The rest of the party was pretty much run by the DJ that was hired – it basically went: beverages, dance, appetizers, dance, main course, dance, dessert, dance. But everyone got into it and it was overall very fun. My sister was definitely the star when it came to dancing – she’ll soon be an intern for another DJ and she’ll be leading dances at parties just like this one.

The next day we flew back in pretty much the same fashion that we flew there – and I drove home in my mom’s truck, which I’ve never driven before. Time to make a new comic, eh!

And now for today’s happenings:

God damn was this day horrible. It started out with everyone asking me where they can find some incriminating Flash video this guy made about a teacher at my school. I don’t know how it leaked, but it spread like wildfire, and for some stupid reason I won’t get into, the video was on my site. So first I had to explain myself to the principal.

Next, I found out that I’ve been THROWN OUT OF JAZZ CHORUS. Why? Well, take a look at this comic. You can sorta understand what happened from there. Someone in my jazz chorus, looking for that Flash video, came across that comic, showed it to the rest of the jazz chorus, and totally riled everyone up. I won’t be able to show my face in there again. That’s what you get for free speech, I guess.

I’m typing this during the period in which I should be having Jazz Chorus. Guh. Wait until my parents find out. At least it wasn’t a required course.

Also, my vacation to New York wasn’t cleared by the office before I went, so in addition to a bunch of unexcused abscences, I have a buttload of homework to make up.

MySQL and PHP up the wazoo!

Both CAR and this blog run off MySQL databases now. That doesn’t say much – perhaps it will make posting comments faster and more reliable, and it may prevent any loss of data on my part, although that has never happened.

Also – a FORUM now exists. If it proves successful, then MAYBE I might use it as the new content management system, and scrap Movable Type. If that proves too much work, or the forum is unsuccessful in cultivating members, then eh, I won’t.


First of all, I don’t care what anyone thinks – in About A Boy, Hugh Grant is really good looking.

I am changing the name of Guest Comic Week into Two Guest Comic Weeks. The cool thing about this new, dynamic name is that… I’m extending the guest comics to two weeks. I’ve already gotten so many amazing submissions and I’m expecting so many more from people who have said they’d make one, and everyone seems to really enjoy them, so why the hell not? It’ll also give me the opportunity to make CAR 100 even better, since I’ll have more time to work on it.

And now for the tournament!

The real statistics for this will show up sometime later, but for now, here was my take on some of the result highlights and the overall happenings.

It was a relatively small turnout for applicants to the DDR tournament at Starbase yesterday. About 12 people applied to the tournament, so 8 people qualified for the upper division in Perfect Attack, where people try to get as many Perfect steps as possible.

In the qualifying round, I ranked 3rd, James ranked 2nd, and another kid named Kevin ranked 1st. Kevin’s 8- or 9-year-old brother entered also, and he ranked 8th.

There were three different rounds in PA:
1. Regular PA
2. PA with modifiers – like, the arrows disappear, the step patterns are rotated to the right or left, or the arrows accelerate as they reach the top
3. PA with mods/distractions – along with modifiers, people either sing to the lyrics, shout out random crap, mess with the volume, or dim the lights around the arcade.

I won all songs, and James all songs except two against me – so to determine the winner, I either had to beat James one more time, or he had to beat me twice.

The final showdown was pretty freaking amazing – total silence around the arcade, no modifiers, with the only subtle distraction being lights randomly dimming around the arcade during the song, which only gave it a haunting look. The final song we did was INSERTiON and both of us did rather freaking well – but James got many more perfects than I did, and flat-out won. But it was an interesting final match. Almasy made an awesome guest comic that coincidentally points to a lot of happenings at the tourney.

Oh, and lots of free caffeinated drinks. Huway.

James won at the freestyle division also – but he really tied for first. James sorta had more fans since we had a few guys from the DDR Club and some Drake people too… so the winner was determined by the silly ol’ “applause meter,” and James won. But I actually was clapping for the other guy…

Eh, there’s probably a lot more to say about the tourney, and James may blog about it in a bit and make it sound more entertaining. As for me – I have to prepare an alternative first guest comic than what I expected, since I sorta lost Indogutsu’s…

One Thing Leads To Another

<JeffreyAtW> Hmm, these are some rather nice images of me and my sister going at it
<JeffreyAtW> I’m scanning and uploading them soon
<IanJ> …
<IanJ> what
<JeffreyAtW> Oh, DDR
<JeffreyAtW> Forgot to mention

Lily and me looking way too… American. I think it’s because of my giant chin.

We be on a Golden Gate Ferry.

Lily and I arrive in San Francisco! Or, more accurately, at the two DDRMAX2 machines in the Metreon! I’m taking $4 out of my wallet. That’s how much a Versus game costs, seriously.

All at once you can tell who the real dancer is. I don’t think I’m doing a Hotlips impression intentionally.

It says “PERFECT!!” on my side of the screen. Passerbys see that and think that my whole dance is perfect. n00bs rofl

A cool angle, a shot of the accumulating crowd, my face turning red, and the realization that we’re wearing MATCHING CLOTHES, .

Realizing that one machine gives 4 songs while the other gives 3 for the same amount, we switch. In the foreground are some token Asian guys.

We’re still tearing it up, and they’re failing. I did turn out to be better than them… is that a crime?

Gray sweatshirt, and gray hat… two more matching colors. Behind us is Yerba Buena center, and right between us is the Museum of Modern Art.

Feeling like our legs are going to burst, we sit in a cafe in Yerba Buena, surrounded by plastic Ikea flowers.


In my Psychology class, we cover all sorts of topics, from adolescence to peer pressure to alcoholism to sex – and you can easily tell how all of this is related, though. I’m shocked by most of the stuff I hear – how much goes on with kids my age. I brag, saying that I’ve never abused drugs or alcohol, and I’ve never had sex – all those (yes, including the last one) are activities that shouled be directed to legal adults. I convey my record of complete social abstinence to 80’s Guy, and being the opinionless blob (mentally) that he is, he just nods and gives a “thumbs up but actually really thumbs down” sort of gesture, or a “good job although I don’t really care and I’m the same as you only I just don’t talk about it” sort of gesture.

You can’t really be sure of what 80’s thinks, since I called him an opinionless blob, and I’ll do it again – he’s an opinionless blob. But I can tell you for sure – the only reason I prance around so proudly is because I’m so goddamn jealous.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m jealous of the jocks, the populars, the YGG’s, the whatever-you-call-it. Many people would gawk and ask why I’d like to be like THEM, the airheaded preppy patriotic athletes that rule the school, the neighborhood, the country. I’m an “intellectual,” as many, MANY people like to call themselves. I’m different, I’m unique. And like any adolescent must supress these “urges,” I’ve gone long without any type of rebellion against parents and real “participation” in the true social lives of the people around me.

I may just be paranoid, but I find myself doing so much less overall than all of my friends. I already mentioned the same old drugs/sex crap, but yeah, it’s also the “rock ‘n’ roll” – I don’t listen to much music (I own one or two CDs), I don’t watch any TV, I don’t go to the movies much anymore, and I just don’t follow the media in which almost everyone submerges themselves.

Is everyone else really more shallow than I am, since they all listen to the same music and watch the same TV shows and movies and just do the same activities as everyone else? It’s not conformity, it’s doing what you like and finding people with the same interests as you. Simple as that.

So why do I find the need to try my hardest to act so unique and different than everyone? I dislike using this metaphor, and I can’t believe I’m really placing this label on myself, but I almost see myself as wearing some sort of social mask to make my individuality heard. And it’s not working. You understand what I mean?

Simply, my personality almost exudes a sense of falseness and I think that it scares people away. The nicest people I know are truly sincere about everything they do.

Overall, I’m content with the friends I have and the activities that I do, however limited they may be compared to those of my fellow classmates. But if I were born again, I’d probably try harder to become one of the crowd and try to push myself into popular culture more. I’d be a COMPLETELY different person than I am today, but would I be happier overall? In a sick, twisted, oversexed, overdrugged, media-saturated sorta way, yes. I’d be in “airhead” heaven.