Should be in class

Today’s been horrible, but I’ll get to that in a second.

My twin cousins, Adam and Matthew, had their Bar Mitzvahs over the weekend in New York City. They’re fraternal twins, although that’s strange, since they look almost exactly the same. But anyway!

I stayed over at my mom’s on Wednesday night for the first time in about a year, because we (mom, my sister, me) had to get to Oakland Airport pretty early. I drove there, and such. Hooray.

The plane ride was rather good, although we went on an American Airlines Super 80, where there are no forms of multimedia entertainment, such as radio or television. I entertained myself with Snood and Solitaire and my 128MB Secure Digital card full of MP3s, on my Pocket PC. We arrived at my grandma’s house and… slept.

The next day, we went to the American Museum Natural History in Manhattan and saw a pretty nice exhibit on Einstein, as well as the usual planetarium walkthrough, lookin’ at some dinosaur fossil skeletons, and observin’ some IRON PYRITE! Woo.

Then we went to a Friday night service in the same temple in which my mom and dad got married.

Then it was the morning of the Bar Mitzvah, woo hoo. For the first time in my life, I talked to my mom’s dad Joe in person. That was pretty interesting. The service went very well and Adam and Matt became Jewish adults and such. I also met up with my other set of cousins, whom I haven’t seen for quite a while.

All the kids went to the reception in a super stretch-limo van, with blasting music, a PS2 built inside it, and a whole cooler filled with soda. Overall, it was a bit too young for me, since the music almost broke the speakers, the only game the kids played was DBZ Budokai, and people accidentally broke some champagne glasses into which they had poured the soda…

But we arrived at the reception location… first, everyone was invited into a room for cocktails, and for the kids, a PS2 was connected to a projection screen. The game? DDRMAX, with two Ignition pads. I got to show off some skills and people were impressed and the like. The rest of the party was pretty much run by the DJ that was hired – it basically went: beverages, dance, appetizers, dance, main course, dance, dessert, dance. But everyone got into it and it was overall very fun. My sister was definitely the star when it came to dancing – she’ll soon be an intern for another DJ and she’ll be leading dances at parties just like this one.

The next day we flew back in pretty much the same fashion that we flew there – and I drove home in my mom’s truck, which I’ve never driven before. Time to make a new comic, eh!

And now for today’s happenings:

God damn was this day horrible. It started out with everyone asking me where they can find some incriminating Flash video this guy made about a teacher at my school. I don’t know how it leaked, but it spread like wildfire, and for some stupid reason I won’t get into, the video was on my site. So first I had to explain myself to the principal.

Next, I found out that I’ve been THROWN OUT OF JAZZ CHORUS. Why? Well, take a look at this comic. You can sorta understand what happened from there. Someone in my jazz chorus, looking for that Flash video, came across that comic, showed it to the rest of the jazz chorus, and totally riled everyone up. I won’t be able to show my face in there again. That’s what you get for free speech, I guess.

I’m typing this during the period in which I should be having Jazz Chorus. Guh. Wait until my parents find out. At least it wasn’t a required course.

Also, my vacation to New York wasn’t cleared by the office before I went, so in addition to a bunch of unexcused abscences, I have a buttload of homework to make up.

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