My creation.


Feel free to “apply.” You can see the application in the info. Since you’re on my friends list, you won’t really be applying; you’ll just be posting a bunch of crap about yourself and really, no matter what you write, you’ll be “accepted.”

Once we get unsuspecting people to sign up, be sure to REJECT THEM, only. Put “no” in the subject. Say something really insulting if you like. The idea here is to make fun of emo kids that want to be accepted. I monitor posts and comments so everything goes “according to plan.”

And feel free to use the little code found in the info and comment it on the journals of people you think would be retarded enough to sign up.

Any questions? Go right ahead.

Here's The Plan

This is a friends-only post because I don’t want this idea to go public, so as to ruin the mystique.

I’m thinking of creating one of those “elitist” communities. I was thinking of the name “_fucking_fuck_”. The reason I’m thinking of participating in this hypocrisy is merely to mock emo/indie culture and the burning desire to be accepted. This is how I intend to create this atmosphere:

I get some of you who are interested to join up with this community. We all post our “applications,” which include retarded stuff like what our favorite bands are and what our stances are on sticking clothes-hangers up our vaginas are. Then comes the high-contrast and/or black and white picture of you (or someone else) staring off into the distance, or holding a camera up (taking a picture on the mirror. ugh). None of it really has to be truthful.

You all get unanimously accepted by all current “members” (that would be you).

Then, we start going around LiveJournal and looking for impressionable emo kids. The ones who have a lot of memberships in similar communities would be best. We post a retarded little invitation image that I can make, and get them to apply.

No matter how much we like this person (I suggest skipping the entire application altogether), we all unanimously vote NO and insult the person a whole lot. I’d personally say something like “you shit cocks at tea time, you undulating cunt toothache.” Then we tell them to come back in a week or something and try again, at which time we will reject them again. No exceptions; everyone is rejected. (But we don’t tell them that.)

So how does this sound? We could definitely sucker people into applying and ripping their emo little hearts out, and all you’d have to do is put some sort of stupid application together (or I could help make you one).

Anyone interested? ;)

Grammar alert!

Everyone always shoves these little lessons down people’s throats, but I’m different and special for some reason since I’m making a little preface before I go and do it. Also, I’ve only seen this lesson being taught about 100 times, instead of 1000 like the “there” and “your” ones.

The topic for today is “its,” which is much more accepted than the other two I mentioned. Let’s go over the differences between “its” and “it’s”:

Its is possessive. If something belongs to something else, it is its thing. It is in its possession. No, there are no excuses to ever use apostrophes in this case. The reason this is often mistaken is because “Microsoft’s lawsuit” or “dog’s ball” or “Jeffrey’s FREE IPOD!” is correct, but “it’s thing” is not.

It’s is a contraction of it is, ONLY. That is the ONLY time that “it’s” should be used – when someone’s saying “it’s… Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” or “It’s Walky,” or “it’s a really lame comic on Keenspot.”

Do we have an understanding? It’s so great that I’m helping the Internet; because of me, its overall intelligence will increase over time.

edits are hellof fun: This entry was meant for those that add apostrophes when they don’t need to. I’m not talking about laziness; laziness iss aweomseone.

Stupid LJ communities

What is the deal with elitist communities, and why do people do it?

First of all, there’s the extremity factor. They put “fuck” in the name as if it shows they KNOW what’s going on. (e.g. fuckingxcute_, fucking_fine, ohfuck_layouts)

Then there’s the fact that all people who enter in the first place are just doing it t

I just noticed that I’m a fool for even bothering with this level of stupidity. If you really want to know why all elitist communities are retarded (if you didn’t think so already), please feel free to comment, or something.

Taking in the facts that:

  • my car’s width is 67.51 in
  • my car’s mileage is 174,725 mi
  • the earth’s total surface area is about 197,000,000 mi2
  • the earth’s land surface area is about 57,268,900 mi2

    My car has only covered .0000945021626% of the earth’s total surface, or .000323941639% of the earth’s land surface.



    Good read. Sorta two years old, but I like how it’s from the “Skeptical Inquirer.”