Here's The Plan

This is a friends-only post because I don’t want this idea to go public, so as to ruin the mystique.
I’m thinking of creating one of those “elitist” communities. I was thinking of the name “_fucking_fuck_”. The reason I’m thinking of participating in this hypocrisy is merely to mock emo/indie culture and the burning desire to be accepted. This is how I intend to create this atmosphere:
I get some of you who are interested to join up with this community. We all post our “applications,” which include retarded stuff like what our favorite bands are and what our stances are on sticking clothes-hangers up our vaginas are. Then comes the high-contrast and/or black and white picture of you (or someone else) staring off into the distance, or holding a camera up (taking a picture on the mirror. ugh). None of it really has to be truthful.
You all get unanimously accepted by all current “members” (that would be you).
Then, we start going around LiveJournal and looking for impressionable emo kids. The ones who have a lot of memberships in similar communities would be best. We post a retarded little invitation image that I can make, and get them to apply.
No matter how much we like this person (I suggest skipping the entire application altogether), we all unanimously vote NO and insult the person a whole lot. I’d personally say something like “you shit cocks at tea time, you undulating cunt toothache.” Then we tell them to come back in a week or something and try again, at which time we will reject them again. No exceptions; everyone is rejected. (But we don’t tell them that.)
So how does this sound? We could definitely sucker people into applying and ripping their emo little hearts out, and all you’d have to do is put some sort of stupid application together (or I could help make you one).
Anyone interested? 😉


        1. I believe they’re insecure about how they’re cute and fine, or whatever. So they “apply” to the communities so they can show off to their friends. Hey look, a group of complete strangers thinks I’m hot shit! And then they get rejected and they get all bitchy and emotional about it, as if they never expected it to happen.

    1. Yeah, there really is a fine line between what I’m thinking of and the real thing. 😐
      The big difference is that no one gets accepted. These communities often go pansy and go “awwwww yuor cutez” and let people in. I’d just create this community to badmouth people and hopefully keep them coming back.

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