April Fools' Sites!

I’ll try to keep this up-to-date as I find more sites. Feel free to comment and add more.

VGMusic – really well-done imitation of some warez sites that were closed down.
Homestar Runner – Nobody! Nobody! It’s the King of Town!
Penny Arcade and PvP switched artists.
Fark – Farked by guinea pigs!
Lizard – Lizard goes all explodey.
Real Life – Dean’s doing horribly in the humor department, but here’s some sort of “what’s the difference” strip.


Holy shit.

I don’t blog much about outings on Fridays anymore, because I tend to take them for granted. I mean, saying which songs in DDR I’ve passed, and then how much I went back and forth from the Oasis event to Starbase gets tiring, I’d assume. But my grades will probably hamper my chances of going out on Fridays in the near future, so I might as well make the most of it. And the rest of the weekend will be spent doing homework, so it’s a good thing to savor the flavor… in the form of this blog!

After school, James and I drove straight to Drake High School, where we’re seen as gods, or something, as we get greeted by random people we don’t really know. We tried posting some signs that we took down at TL, which had stupid phrases such as “BEAT DRAKE” and “GO TL MCAL CHAMPS!!1111” but generic Drake jocks took them down… symbolically. With the help of Jeff, a guy who ended up taggin’ along with us for the evening, we found the rest of the Drake crew.

Starbase has gotten a DDR 5th Mix machine, which is to be used as an alternative from the pricey DDR Extreme machine, but the owner, Video Bob, couldn’t get it to the arcade… so we’ll have to wait a while before we can put it to use. We were able to input the latest Extreme code, which unlocked three great songs, one of which being the latest 10-footer, Sakura. After trying it out on Standard and Challenge difficulty a few times, I was able to easily beat it on Heavy, which is the 10-foot steps. It’s… way too easy to be a credible 10-footer, but I passed it anyway, so that’s cool. Sakura is a great song.

Bryan is good at Puzzle Bobble.

We were waiting around for Chris for quite some time, as he and James were invited to go to an event at the Riptide Arcade in Pier 39, San Francisco. He seemed to have quite a good time, so why don’t you read his blog about it.

We tried hanging out in the Digiquest room, which is part of the building where the Oasis Fridays are held, but even though many of us are sorta “veterans” of the Digiquest program, we were kicked out by some guy who is much more important than any of us. Eh.

The crowd at the Oasis was amazing. It was comprised mostly of Drake and TL kids. A few extras were amusing:

There was this one girl, who I will hereafter refer to as “Ms. Promiscuity,” who would pour glitter on her chest, kiss random people, and offer to make out with anyone who dared ask. Most of us saw this as completely awful and disgusting, so one way or another we got her to stop being interested in, uh, everyone.

A few girls started lighting up and smoking right in the middle of our little crowd thing, so a lot of us started making the generic over-exaggerating “coughing my lungs out” noise, so that got them to leave sooner or later. They only got Francisco to join them (of course). They weren’t supposed to be smoking on the teen center’s property anyway.

The Drake foo’s made a dunce cap for some class. It read “SHAFTED!” on once side, and “DUNCE” on the other. But the cap was made up of a piece of hard paper rolled at an angle, so if you put it on wrong, it looked as if you were wearing a pointed KKK hood. But I put the cap on my hand instead, and walked around as if I were the Mega Man enemy, “SHAFTED MAN.”

Sophie burst out in song with a few of her band’s greatest hits, and I titled it the “Oasis Side-Show.” It was probably more entertaining than the usual bands that play anyway. (please kill me.) One song was about driving in a car and everything and I think I’ll make it the theme song of my comic.

The main event of the night, though, was a big ol’ trip to Applebee’s in the mall. Omid offered to take a bunch of people to dinner, so some of us said we’d go, but the turnout was huge. We must have gotten more than half of the people actually at the event to go to Applebee’s. So a few of us drove there. I drove Sophie, Bryan, and Jeff, and although it took some time to get a big-enough group of tables for everyone to sit (we first tried Chilis, in fact, but there was too long of a wait), everyone ended up sitting down and being enjoy.

Hannah and Jam had to leave early because of mom of doom, and Andy felt intentionally left-out (and he actually was by some), and the four of us that came in my car sorta sat separately from the rest of the people, but overall, it was great. We ate foods. We all had to share Bryan’s appetizer platter because it was enormous. And we all drew caricatures of Bryan on paper napkin holders.

After that, it was the usual job of driving everyone home, and I got home relatively early. (Relative to the amount of stuff I did that night).

“TEH END” isn’t funny anymore.


I am moving my site to a new server very soon. The site might be down for a while, and when it returns, it might be in a state of about 4PM on Thursday, meaning all comments/posts after this time might be lost. Thanks.

Goat Day

It obviously isn’t as important as Pants Day, but today was Goat Day. An innocent bystander (me) said “too bad this happens like every day at Drake.”

The festivities were as follows, in Mr. Gustin’s math room at lunch:
First, Tyler (Chex-Mixer) put up a big gay flag with a rainbow and the word “PACE” on it on the whiteboard.
Chip, some Jewish communist with mutton chops, came in with a holy scroll of Goat Day and a poster with a goat symbol surrounded by two hammer-and-sickle symbols, and put up some posters with a Furby on them reading “Rule with an IRON FIST.”
Tiya, who drew some Midgard fanart, brought in a few bags of fun-size chocolate bars and Hansen’s Cherry Vanilla Creme Soda.
We gave a giant toast to a bunch of crap (including toast), and then we threw the chocolate bars all over the place. Nerds were sprawled all around the floor, it was amazing. And then we ripped up the goat flag, as per tradition. Chip read some awful passages from the holy scroll thing.

…More later. Or not.

Stop Reading

Oh god, it is so true. If you find yourself acting like this, then stop.

I’m at another one of those points where I really feel like blogging, but I have nothing to say, nor am I really in the state of mind to convey and coherent thoughts. I think it’s because I’m listening to Coldplay. Maybe by simply stating that, this blog will greatly extend in size and I’ll be able to, well, convey coherent thoughts. My god, I think it’s happening already!

I’m writing this at a time that I’ve allotted for blogging, fortunately. My acceptance into UC Santa Cruz has definitely given me more of a drive, and more of a mission in life. The next four years will be filled with purpose – it costs money to go where I’m going, and now that I am sure I have reason to keep on living, I will happily end my final year of high school by trying much harder.

Please don’t take anything in the last paragraph as a suicidal remark. It’s hard to get through the heads of some people that thinking about purpose in life is a sign of introspection, not depression. I’m actually quite happy with the way things are going nowadays. Death is always an available alternative, but I don’t think about death often – when I talk about life, I’m talking about LIFE. You don’t need to live like you’re preparing for death. Rather, life like you’re enjoying what you’re doing now.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be as insulting as I want, this blog has no subject and therefore no boundaries – if your religion teaches you to prepare for an afterlife by suffering in this life, please rethink what you’re doing.

Learning about the viewpoints of other people makes me feel good. It makes me know that there are people out there whose opinions are genuine. They’re not necessarily original, but no one is. I’m sure that there are millions of people that think like I do.

Here’s yet another observation on, well, thought: I haven’t seen many people that fit this description at my age, as most have moved on to form their own concrete identity, but it was in late middle school and early high school that I saw people alienating themselves from the rest of the community solely for the purpose of proclaiming their individuality and originality. I would observe those people and laugh, thinking, “although I still have the dignity to generally conform to the other kids, I have the capability of analyzing and criticizing their point of view. This makes me smarter than anyone on either side!”

It was later that I noticed that simply acknowledging my oberservations doesn’t make me smarter than anyone else.

It was later that I noticed that simply acknowledging THAT doesn’t make me smarter than anyone else.

And on, and on. The way you really find that your thoughts are genuine is when you can sympathize with someone else who has come to the same conclusions and ideas… through their own methods.

I can’t believe I didn’t take Philosophy. I hope I have a chance to do so in college.

There's Something Wrong Here

“This is ‘Reality?'” by Teri Linder
I’m convinced those people with “Kill Your TV” bumper strips on their cars have been watching too much “Reality Television.” As far as I can see there is nothing “real” about most of these programs, throwing as they do, disparate and dysfunctional misanthropes together in thoroughly artificial settings.
A much more real setting can be found just outside Starbucks each day when folks who really like each other and have things to talk about gather for a friendly chat. Not as exciting as faux court-room drama or washed up celebrities trapped in the jungle without hairdryers, but real, nevertheless.
Starbucks is serving up more than coffee at NORTHGATE ONE. Now you can get high-speed wireless internet access at many Starbucks locations, and once you’e connected, you can check your e-mail, surf the Web, or get work done – all at super speeds and in cofeehouse comfort. Reality! It’s the T-Mobile HotSpot, and when you sign up at Starbucks you’ll get a Free Day Pass with any of the service plans they offer.

The article goes on to mention other “real” businesses that will supposedly take you away from “reality TV” and make you buy things in the real world instead.

Number One News, Northgate One Shopping Center.