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“This is ‘Reality?'” by Teri Linder
I’m convinced those people with “Kill Your TV” bumper strips on their cars have been watching too much “Reality Television.” As far as I can see there is nothing “real” about most of these programs, throwing as they do, disparate and dysfunctional misanthropes together in thoroughly artificial settings.
A much more real setting can be found just outside Starbucks each day when folks who really like each other and have things to talk about gather for a friendly chat. Not as exciting as faux court-room drama or washed up celebrities trapped in the jungle without hairdryers, but real, nevertheless.
Starbucks is serving up more than coffee at NORTHGATE ONE. Now you can get high-speed wireless internet access at many Starbucks locations, and once you’e connected, you can check your e-mail, surf the Web, or get work done – all at super speeds and in cofeehouse comfort. Reality! It’s the T-Mobile HotSpot, and when you sign up at Starbucks you’ll get a Free Day Pass with any of the service plans they offer.

The article goes on to mention other “real” businesses that will supposedly take you away from “reality TV” and make you buy things in the real world instead.

Number One News, Northgate One Shopping Center.

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