Should I do it.

Next quarter is academically weird. I’m only taking one three-credit class, and auditing another one. Overall, it’s 4 hours of instruction per week, and probably the same amount of outside-of-class work. That will leave me a LOT of time to do… something else, I guess. Hopefully get a job. But I’m having some second thoughts… Continue reading Should I do it.


I am getting worried that people are getting carried away with how much things “win” or “fail.” Now we’re onto “epic” results, but I fear that might not be enough and people will start bashing their heads in to show how much some random trifles win or fail. (Also, I barely ever see “lose” and… Continue reading Worry

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Awesomelinks #50

Meat paintings. Deer tool. Improvised comic by Emmy. Terrible CNN Headlines. The Spidermans. Lions and tigers and horses.


1. Comment here and I’ll pick one of your LJ interests and draw a picture using the mighty MS Paint. STEPS 2 and 3 SUCKED SO I DIDN’T INCLUDE THEM hint: filenames are picked interest

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Prestidigitation Hey, it’s a song! Sort of final-bossy, also sort of onoken-y and TaQ-y. Brian says it’s F-Zero-Anime-y but I’ve never watched that BRIAN INFORMS ME NO SUCH THING EXISTS AND I AM PUTTING WORDS INTO HIS MOUTH!!! I THINK I WILL ALSO INCLUDE MY FIST. This is the first song I’ve finished since last… Continue reading Songo

Locked because employers are looking… (actually who cares – unlocked)

This weekend, despite voting and gaming with friends and going shopping with other friends and attending a friend’s recital and friendsfriendsfriends I’m still feeling pretty neglected and lonely right now. Also I feel pretty incompetent because I bombed a midterm today and I’ve just been thinking about my path as a grad student and just… Continue reading Locked because employers are looking… (actually who cares – unlocked)

My sister's blog

My Stepmother’s Brain Cancer My sister Lily is an incredible writer, and she’s planning on blogging about my stepmom and her condition. Read up on what she’s written so far, and subscribe if you can. Like I said, I’m quite removed from the situation so I really won’t be able to provide many updates. Er…… Continue reading My sister's blog