Oh, hello. Welcome to Jeffrey’s Internet Etiquette Soapbox, where I passive-aggressively explain to you how obnoxious you are based on the trivial actions you take on a trivial social network! Retweeting when someone replies to you with a compliment The cardinal sin. There is no reason anyone would be at all interested in what some… Continue reading Twetiquette

My take on the iPhone location services hubbub

Tech sites and developer blogs have been reacting to the recent release of iPhoneTracker, a Mac OS X app that can easily plot where you’ve been, and when, since you started using your iPhone. While it might sound “scary” or “creepy” from the get-go, it’s not horrible – it carries roughly the same privacy concerns… Continue reading My take on the iPhone location services hubbub

WordPress ahoy

I have moved my blog to WordPress! It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been holding out on leaving LiveJournal, mostly because I didn’t see TOO many shortfalls over other blogging software. It still allowed me to do whatever a blogger needed to do. But upon realizing that the future of LiveJournal is a bit… Continue reading WordPress ahoy

Social media

A few nights ago, I went to √úmloud, a charity event at DNA Lounge. They had a raffle, and I bought a few tickets. The lady selling the tickets happened to have a Square device on the phone she was using to accept payment, and I thought it was so cool that I decided to… Continue reading Social media

Cool quote bro

“Neither the full-body scanners or the enhanced pat-downs are making anyone safer. They’re more a result of politicians and government appointees capitulating to a public that demands that “something must be done,” even when nothing should be done; and a government bureaucracy that is more concerned about the security of their careers if they fail… Continue reading Cool quote bro v13

After a few years of my site sitting around and doing nothing, I decided I’d have it continue to sit around and do nothing… IN STYLE! I made my site all HTML5 and CSS3-ey by using more semantic elements and some nice gradient and shadow stuff. The site looks best in Chrome, but degrades gracefully… Continue reading v13

24 Hour Comic

Sophie, Kane and I each did a 24-hour comic this weekend. Here’s mine: The comic’s only 10 pages and I did it in 10 hours. I stayed up another 8 hours and made another 13 pages of random autobiographical crap. Then I went to sleep. This is the first comic I have drawn on… Continue reading 24 Hour Comic