Fetish musings.

<JeffreyATW> noser i need help transforming my internet likeness into some weird thing that could be passed off as a personal fetish <JeffreyATW> maybe i will be Wrenchy, the wrench <JeffreyATW> and draw wrenchporn <Noser> what do you mean <Noser> back up a step <Noser> isn’t CAR a fetish comic <JeffreyATW> it’s boring being a… Continue reading Fetish musings.

My Problem With Ham.

So I was just reading that a friend of mine was enjoying a ham and brie sandwich. Sounds tasty, right? I certainly wouldn’t mind one, but then again, if I was given the choice of any sandwich, it’d be way far down my list. Here’s why. The problem starts with ham. Ham’s great. It’s from… Continue reading My Problem With Ham.

140 characters

Started using Twitter a lot, because my life isn’t exciting enough to keep a journal about. Follow here: http://www.twitter.com/JeffreyATW

Everyday Update

On Vimeo, because YouTube has failed me. (such horrible encoding quality) SWF version: http://www.jeffreyatw.com/photos/daily/daily.swf Directory of images: http://www.jeffreyatw.com/photos/daily/

Dick Week Dam

There is a place in Napa County called Dick Week Dam. To get there, you need to drive through Pope Valley on Butts Canyon Road. ROAD TRIP???


So fake tans have been all the rage for a while but I’m starting to see a new trend: FAKE fake tans. Where the person is so Oompa-Loompa that they look like they’ve come off of a rotisserie. Not just on those crazy New Jersey guys, but on girls, too. I just want to ask… Continue reading Tans