Because this is the place for long-form content

I wrote this on IRC and I feel like sharing it with you. My name (over and over) omitted.

final fantasy crystal chronicles my life as a darklord
it’s a tower defense game
tower defense pisses me off because it falls into the category of “games that eventually get impossibly hard”
might sound weird but i don’t like games where it gets harder as you go along
the point of these games is you’re supposed to learn and hone your skills so you can face the challenges later
but i don’t think game devs get that, i think they expect you to lose more often as you go along
which to me means there’s less incentive to continue
anyway it’s an interesting game because instead of building towers to ward off invaders, you’re building FLOORS on a SINGLE tower.
but that basically means it’s less flexible than your average tower defense game since you’re putting attackers on a one-dimensional grid rather than two.
anyway that is the longest rant i have written in 5 years so read well.
or don’t.

Fetish musings.

<JeffreyATW> noser i need help transforming my internet likeness into some weird thing that could be passed off as a personal fetish
<JeffreyATW> maybe i will be Wrenchy, the wrench
<JeffreyATW> and draw wrenchporn
<Noser> what do you mean
<Noser> back up a step
<Noser> isn’t CAR a fetish comic
<JeffreyATW> it’s boring being a human on the internet who is attracted to women
<JeffreyATW> not unfulfilling, just boring
<Noser> but you’re attracted to men too, if it’s road head.
<Noser> that’s your fetish
<Noser> auto eroticism
<JeffreyATW> that was ONE TIME
<JeffreyATW> and only in my COMIC
<Noser> you said internet likeness
<JeffreyATW> that’s true i guess
<JeffreyATW> i don’t know if my comic is my internet likeness
<JeffreyATW> that jeffrey seems to be a different jeffrey than the jeffrey on twitter and livejournal and facebook
<Noser> well yeah, that’s your carsona
<JeffreyATW> a jeffrey who is too simple to fancy himself a wrench, and fancy wrenches
<Noser> lots of carries are different when they draw themselves in cars
<SamDoug> awesome
<Noser> wrench-on-car action!
<Noser> I haven’t played with magma
<SamDoug> shit just got epic
<SamDoug> brb forging The One Ring
<JeffreyATW> is there a volcano in upstate new york now
<JeffreyATW> good
<Noser> apparently it’s really easy to destroy your entire sector of the world with a magma pool, bauxite, a mason, and a mechanic
<SamDoug> just the way I like it
<SamDoug> Playing with death and poor AI
<JeffreyATW> hey i’m a wrench, i love mechanics
<Noser> I don’t totally get the bauxite thing being so obscure, the game should mention it
<JeffreyATW> they know just how to handle us wrenches
<SamDoug> also Jeffrey, jog on
<Noser> what kind of wrench
* You are now known as WrenchyATW
<WrenchyATW> torque
<WrenchyATW> just you wait
<WrenchyATW> i’ll start this off as a joke
<Noser> can you point to a picture of your wrenchsona
* SamDoug is now known as CARDoug
<WrenchyATW> but then i’ll start making comics about wrenches
<Noser> are you a specific model of wrench
<WrenchyATW> and eventually it will be like, maybe i really DO like wrenches In That Way
<CARDoug> metric or standard
<WrenchyATW> standard :( i AM american
<WrenchyATW> searching “torque wrench” on GIS for my wrenchsona
<WrenchyATW> safe search is off
<WrenchyATW> oh god
<WrenchyATW> this manual torque wrench
<WrenchyATW> it has a universal round shank head