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Super Nova causes status effects!!!

Okay so I was fighting Safer Sephiroth and he was all like Super Nova and I’m like okay, time to use a Megalixir, cuz all my characters are going to be at critical health levels, right?

So I’m just about to make Vincent use the damn thing and then he decides to go all CONFUSED on my ass and not let me take my turn. INSTEAD, he uses his special Slash-All command to attack the entire party, and one blow is good enough to kill all of them.


I think I’m done with FF7.

Social mandate?

My sister was telling me yesterday about this girl her age who was going around school gossipping about how she got “sooooo drunk” last weekend and was basically showing off to all her friends. Lily is pretty sure that it was the first time that this girl got drunk. What this girl is doing, at the age of 15, is furthering what I call a social mandate.

ALCOHOL IS NOT A NECESSARY PART OF A PERSON’S LIFE. It might sound weird to you, but it is not. Take a look at this comic. The person in the passenger’s seat isn’t Conrad. It’s EVERYONE. It’s fucking EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU. What is Conrad, as a representation of EVERYONE, doing in this comic? He is also furthering a social mandate, which states that you must drink to be social. He’s saying, you can’t drop your boundaries or get rid of responsibility or enjoy life without alcohol. If you can’t, then why do I do it all the time?

Fine, I’m condescending and taking a holier-than-thou position. Great. Let’s start off by saying that I KNOW ABOUT ALCOHOL and I have GOTTEN DRUNK BEFORE. Yes, it made me feel “loose”-er and did everything that alcohol is supposed to do. Was it a necessary element in socializing with those around me? I would have even said “no” if you came up to me at the time(s) and asked me.

But here come more people that are like “oh hey, party time, let’s find someone to get us alcohol.” I’ve been a chauffeur many a time in the past, driving my friends around to make use of someone who is of drinking age. Okay maybe the drinking-age people don’t really mind enabling people my age – I don’t care about the legality, I think a “drinking age” is a dumb rule in a few respects – but still, I can barely stand the fact that people are being used just to gain access to alcohol so the real fun can begin. “We GOTTA get drunk before we can socialize!”

WHO SAYS? The people around you say. Everyone’s saying the same thing. Everyone else is drunk, so you’ve got to get drunk to have fun. By thinking this, YOU’RE the one who is furthering this social mandate. What’s worse, alcohol has to be an integral part of courtship in our society – I mean, it HAS to be – because if you’re not drunk and the other person is, it’s rape. You definitely don’t want that to happen, so you HAVE to get drunk so the feeling is mutual. Why don’t more people see something wrong with this?

I hope this gives enough reason why I don’t drink for fun and why you don’t have to either. Besides, most of that shit tastes awful.

Before you say “wow Jeffrey I really respect you, you can handle so much, etc. etc.” please look at this comic again. I’ve heard it. It doesn’t mean anything. If you really respected me and saw my viewpoint then maybe you’d try to change something about yourself.


Been playing the aforementioned game for a few days now. I have to say the atmosphere is simply astounding – and quite varied, too. Reminiscent of Tim Burton’s works, and Jhonen Vasquez’s stuff too (especially because the main character has the voice of Zim). I have to say I like the gameplay of the Jak series quite a lot more, but this is still creative to the max. Highly recommended!

The beginning of James's 3rd decade

The past, uh, day and a half was spent celebrating James (captaincanada)’s 20th. It was quite the awesome.

Started off in San Francisco – I drove James to the Metreon where he met up with Paolo (pheardapowah), Sean (azhp), and Chris (tidus)… while I spent half an hour waiting in the parked car so it wouldn’t get a ticket (whoops didn’t have any change).

We headed to a restaurant James found in some book – the South Beach Bar and Grill, on 500 Folsom… only to find that it actually didn’t exist, and there was a parking lot in its place. Oh well! Met up with Bryan (bouncyfish) and Cady (lorn_hecate) and headed to Tanpopo in Japantown instead.

After dinner we headed back to my place for the more home-ish festivities, stopping off at Safeway for various drinks and other snacks. Justin (chibiendy) came along, and soon Kathy (hydrant), Levi (spot828), Lauren (glisse), and Sophie (soygirl) arrived. Much partying was had. DDR, Texas Hold’em (while watching Chuck Norris movies), bad internet poetry, IIDX, the whole shebang. Most of us ended up just crashin’ overnight.

The next morning after driving Lily (lildogg) to school and cleaning up all the glasses and plates and bottles and stuff from the night before, the lot of us went to this great place on 4th Street, Lundy’s. $4 breakfast: pancake, egg, two bacon strips. Rad!

After picking Lily up and driving her home, I headed into the city where I met up with Sean, Paolo, James, Ryan (thedcb), John (kay0ss) and … some other people! at RTA. Saw Other James (rtf) there too. Played some ITG2 and GF V and after a while we headed out for dinner. Tried getting a table at the Boudin sit-down restaurant only to find out it’s the MOST EXPENSIVE RESTAURANT I’VE EVER BEEN TO, so we left and went across the street to the Rainforest Cafe which is a kid’s restaurant and is also pretty expensive but is quite the experience.

Had some pretty good food and ended it up with…


Thanks to a great number of people, including Chris for being a perfect gentleman and great, say, supervisor of sorts at my party. Thanks to Cady and Bryan for helping me clean up. Thanks to James for putting up with my incessant abuse of my over-logical mind. Thanks to everyone for coming. ‘Twas a blast. Although my summer isn’t totally over, it was definitely teh bset way to say goodbye to James’s.