Awesomelinks #64

Mega Man 9 cover art. Ribs thang. Trap-jaw ants. Font Conference. More Google videos from the Vacationeers. Oh my god.


Hey look!

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Awesomelinks #63

Rube Golberg cocktail machine. Baman Piderman. Reversal. Underneath it All. Human Mirror. Where the Hell is Matt?


Hi. I am in New York. Manhattan to be specific. The 47th floor of a 48-floor condo, to be specific. Things are pretty cool. Today I done went places. Check out my Twitter for blow-by-blow photo-micro-geo-bloggin. In previous days I met up with my grandparents, Ian and friends, and my cousins Carol and Emily. Later… Continue reading Hi!!!

Awesomelinks #62

Eddie Murphy. Hot Saus. Joe Cocker transcription. Seizure Robot. Wind Waker manga. Tomorrow Never Knows.