Hi. I am in New York. Manhattan to be specific. The 47th floor of a 48-floor condo, to be specific. Things are pretty cool.

Today I done went places. Check out my Twitter for blow-by-blow photo-micro-geo-bloggin.

In previous days I met up with my grandparents, Ian and friends, and my cousins Carol and Emily. Later this week I’m meeting up with more cousins Matt and Adam and my uncle Rob and then Hannah and everything will be pretty neat.

Okay later!

New York Again

I’m slowly starting to plan things for my week off. Things on the menu so far are seeing Sam and probably Dub and Ian for some lunch or something, and going to a number of performances or exhibits or whatevers with Hannah.

I am also probably going to spend some time with family but I’m always way too lazy to contact them and tell them that I’m coming (like right now).

Besides that, I need suggestions!