ProcrastiMATION uploaded

I put some old cartoons I did in 2006 on my site. They’re poorly animated and kind of hard to follow. But I got paid to make them, which is pretty kewl. Watch “The Glomp” if you’re deciding whether to watch any of them… that’s probably the best of the bunch. As a bonus, I’ve… Continue reading ProcrastiMATION uploaded

New York Again

I’m slowly starting to plan things for my week off. Things on the menu so far are seeing Sam and probably Dub and Ian for some lunch or something, and going to a number of performances or exhibits or whatevers with Hannah. I am also probably going to spend some time with family but I’m… Continue reading New York Again


Coming up I gots a trip to Yosemite this weekend with my mom and sister. We’re heading out on Sunday and coming back on Wednesday. After that, there’s the week-long New York trip in July where I’m chilling with relatives and Hannah and Ian probably. After that… not much? Perhaps a visit to Seattle for… Continue reading Comfortable

Awesomelinks #61

Radiohead’s Nude covered by old electronics. Free money. Kids’ drawings into photos. Batman. Club cocktail. Google Good News.

Awesomelinks #60

Tears. Eagle and swan. Ad on a bus. MySpace’s intervention. Lego boulder. ad.

Ticket cancel

Cancelling my ticket now. (Might be waiting on a hotline with Girl From Ipanema playing for a long time…) Shiranne blogged real nice yesterday and it’s public so I might as well link it. I think I need some time to recover… but man according to the lewd gestures and allusions to oysters and clams… Continue reading Ticket cancel