Vacation worth it?

Big problems in vacationtown. First, a little background… Last year, I canceled a flight to Israel. I had assumed that I was given credit through British Airways to redirect the flight wherever I felt like within a year, but it turns out that there was a misunderstanding. Today it was confirmed by both British Airways,… Continue reading Vacation worth it?

Ticket cancel

Cancelling my ticket now. (Might be waiting on a hotline with Girl From Ipanema playing for a long time…) Shiranne blogged real nice yesterday and it’s public so I might as well link it. I think I need some time to recover… but man according to the lewd gestures and allusions to oysters and clams… Continue reading Ticket cancel

Flight booked

I just booked my flight to Israel. JFK to TLV, July 8. I don’t know how much I talked about this but yeah, this summer I’m leavin’ America for a while and spending time with Shiranne in Israel, while taking part in a professional internship program. A lot of it is for evaluation purposes –… Continue reading Flight booked

Bears in the Area

Hello again from me; I am back in America after my two school quarters in Seattle. The road trip ended pleasantly with a viewing of Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Ashland is a wonderful town and I totally want to return to it some time. It’s certainly got that… Continue reading Bears in the Area