This was probably the best year at Fanime so far. (2006 holds special significance, and in fact today signals the 2nd anniversary of me and Shiranne becoming a couple!) The best part about Fanime is seeing so many freaking people I haven’t seen in a while. People from Marin, from many different groups within UCSC,… Continue reading Fanime???

Flight booked

I just booked my flight to Israel. JFK to TLV, July 8. I don’t know how much I talked about this but yeah, this summer I’m leavin’ America for a while and spending time with Shiranne in Israel, while taking part in a professional internship program. A lot of it is for evaluation purposes –… Continue reading Flight booked


I am going to Fanime too guys woo woo but I am so removed from the entire Bay Area group at this point that I don’t think anyone will especially benefit from the knowledge that I will be there! Wow that sounded kind of depressing. Not supposed to be! I am going to have a… Continue reading umm