When I don’t blog about an event like less than two days after it happened, the whole blog becomes sort of routine and emotionless.

Oh wait, I went to senior prom because it was my senior prom, not because it was an emotional experience! Wa ha! Now it’s crystal clear.

Well anyway. I picked up my tuxedo last Friday. Although I had ordered a long tie, I got a bowtie. My pants were one inch too short. The buckle on the back of the vest was sorta cracked. There was such a long wait at the formalwear place, though, that I didn’t really feel like complaining.

Let’s jump to Sunday afternoon where I lied around in my underpants for a few hours, awaiting the scheduled time to shower and dress to such a degree that I was too cautious to start anything else. Of course, just a few minutes before my scheduled shower time I decided to attempt the Hard Core oni course on DDRMAX. So I was a little late.

So, I got all dressed up and gelled up and shaved up and awaited the arrival of James and Momo, as they wanted to be dropped off at my house so they could appear at our meeting place without a parent dropping them off. I have no idea why because my house is quite out of the way (and my car is janky and was coated with birdoo at the time), but I drove’em anyway.

What I expected to be a rather packed high school meeting place for all limos to drive up and pick up people turned out to be a deserted place. Hannah, my date for this entourage, showed up in one heckuva flowing light green dress. It looked great. And we exchanged corsages and stuff and took pictures. Sooner or later the rest of our party showed up and we got in our limo and were on our way. In retrospect, I think everyone at that time was already on the go and eating dinner and everything, but that wasn’t exactly in our plans.

Of course I have to mention Steve and Nessa’s clothing. Since Nessa had already been to a few proms this year, she and Steve decided to dress up totally Matrix style. Everyone else who had spent hundreds on a dumb ol’ tuxedo or dress was ashamed.

The limo fits 8. There were 10 people. I sat on the floor. I dropped minibar water bottles on James’s crotch. I damaged my exceptionally large tailbone on a few bumps. Good times.

We were the first group to arrive at the Regency Center in San Francisco. Our limo actually dropped us off around the corner and we were just a tad surprised at what we saw – in the same building on the first floor, some sort of Castro (i.e. largely homosexual) dance rave was taking place. Some guys commented Nessa on her attire. I tried remaining high-spirited and not dumb-looking as we walked around the corner into the building. Our dance was on the third floor but we could still hear the rave down below. And of course when someone down below pulled the fire alarm, we heard it too.

Fortunately we didn’t have to evacuate… supposedly someone was just having some fun.

The beginning of a dance is always the awkward and quiet part – the music hasn’t started yet, people are just hanging around the FREE CAKE AND SHIRLEY TEMPLES~! and sitting at the tables on the side of the room, looking slightly snazzy. Hannah and I found a side room filled with balloons and we tied them around our waists so we could find each other if we got lost. Hannah would also greet anyone who was wearing a nice dress, or an old friend that she hadn’t seen in a while. It was cool to see everyone so overdressed.

Sooner or later the dancing started… we mostly stayed on the side and imitated people who were “grinding” and doing other lewd dance moves. Hannah could not stop pointing and laughing at things. I think she had sufficient reason to.

Time sorta flew. There was a lot of loud music that we didn’t like, but we ended up dancing to one or two slow songs (sway left, sway right, repeat) and attempting to tango to rap. And to swing to slow songs as well.

NEWS AT 11! Momo had to be home by midnight, or she would only be able to draw pumpkins for the rest of her days. Or the limo would turn into a pumpkin. Or something that has to do with pumpkins. So we let James and Momo return early as we were left at the dance until 12:30 – half an hour after the dance officially ended. Fortunately we were able to hang out in the empty dance hall and take some cake and brownies from the cleaners before they threw them away.


You don't have to hum when you can't think of a title

Whoa… I’m typing this entry in the LiveJournal textbox… it’s so different from my native Movable Type textbox… this is just too weird. I’ll try not to explode from the difference in dimensions or color scheme. Work with me here.

My sister, if’n you didn’t know, can pass some 9-footers now: Matsuri Japan, Rhythm and Police, and INSERTiON, to name a few. Yeah, that’s right, a 13-year-old can kick your ass.

My grades are borderline in Pre-Calc, and that ain’t good. I asked my teacher what the grade jump in Honors means – he says that I only get an extra grade point if I get a C or above. So that means that while a C translates to a B, a D stays a D. I’ll kick that Calculus Readiness Exam’s ass, though, so there’s no need to worry… much.

I’m looking for teh summer job. I’ve tried contacting some people in need of websites – I think I’m up for some more design this summer – but I haven’t gotten any replies. I also signed up for the internship program at my school, and I was even going to be hooked up with a paid web design job – when the job supervisor DIED. Like, a day or two ago. Hopefully it was because he was really old or something. Something very similar happened to my dad – he was going to present something to a superior, and he worked on it for weeks. On the day of the presentation, the whole thing was cancelled because his superior’s parachute didn’t open.

Well, it happens.

There’s just a little more than a week left of school as I know it. That’s good to know, but I tend to keep the thought in the back of my head. We’re still doing a bunch of stuff in all of my classes, so although finals are a little more than a week from now, it just doesn’t seem that way. This is for the better since I’m not showing any severe signs of this newfangled “senioritis” thingo.

…heh, “La Senioritis Virtual.”

A few days ago I stopped off at Starbase, where Chris and Noah were hangin’ out. Aside from Joint Game Premium, the game was crashing one helluva lot, due to the weather. Chris and I decided to try our luck on the Trick oni course and it crashed 3 times in a row in the SAME PLACE. We shut down the machine, cooled it off, restarted it, it crashed while loading, and finally we were back to Trick. It didn’t freeze this time, and I got all the way to the beginning of Ecstasy. Uh, hooray for me.

Since the machine would probably just keep crashing, Chris gave me a few credits as he and Noah left. Jeez, Chris is such a nice guy. Besides just fueling Chris’s part-time job salary by pumping quarters, I’ve got to find some way of thanking him or doing something for him.

I haven’t been in anyone else’s car for quite some time, since I’ve been doing almost all of my driving… this whole year, in fact. But due to some complicated car pickup plan, my dad wanted me to drive my stepmom’s Acura yesterday. Acura is a division of Honda, so the Integra handles almost exactly the same way as the Accord… only BETTER. Gawd, it was as if my car had grown 10 years younger and it was… just… more responsive. Bwaugh. It was just a simple ride down the freeway, but it was fun. I can’t wait until a few years into college, where I probably get a new car. We’re probably going to sell THUH CAR ITSELF at the end of the summer, since I won’t be using it, nor will anyone else, for quite some time.

Oh, and probably coming up even sooner is a new computer, as some sort of graduation present. ASSUMING I GRADUATE LOL BECAUSE I MIGHT NOT J/K

Prom, Great America, Humor, Whatever

This girl at my school has started staring and smiling at me whenever I walk by her in the halls. It started when I was in the compy lab and she was sitting a few rows away from me… and she was staring and smiling. It’s nice and all, but I don’t know what it’s about. Have I done something amazing recently? Anyway, I’ve seen her around and I know her name and such, but I’m just not sure what to do. Letting it just slide for the last few weeks of school doesn’t sound good, but it’s probably what’ll end up happening. That’s too bad.

Senior pr0n is this weekend, and I’m all prepared and stuff. 80’s Guy and Ashley are preparing a limo to pick up the 10 of us (including James and Momo, me and Hannah, Steve and Nessa, Liron and uh, his date) and drive us to the Regency Center in San Francisco. There we’ll dance by jumping up and down and swaying back and forth in tuxedos for a few hours, and then we have the limo to ourselves for a few hours. We were thinking of driving around and stopping at every Jack In The Box and Denny’s and see how many burgers Steve
can stuff in his mouth.

Hannah’s really excited about the prom. Of course, she’s all boyfriendy with Jeremiah, but that really doesn’t matter. I just wanted to invite her because I think she’d have a great time. Hannah’s too good of a friend to have as the girlfriend type, you know? After much consideration, I’ve really decided that I’m not the boyfriend type, anyway. Not for high school level relationships. I’m pretty happy (read: stable) single.

Next day I’m planning on going to Great America for Bryan’s belated and delayed birthday, so there’s no after-prom bash of sorts… I’m glad, I’d probably want to sleep.

LOL at something isn’t my idea of humor. If a joke is something I LOL at, it’s probably got something to do with poop and weenies. Like yesterday’s Arlo and Janis. Arlo’s rowboat is zooming down a canal and he’s chasing after it on the side screaming “SOMEBODY GRAB MY DINGHY!” That, to me, isn’t good humor. It’s definitely something I’d get a laugh out of, though.

Good humor comes with a sense of intrigue and original thought. It shows that the author knows what he’s talking about and can convey it in one of the best ways possible to his recievers. That’s why I have almost never laughed at any webcomics, most of which I think are simply hilarious. What’s more important is the sense that I’ve gotten through all of them and felt a fact of satisfaction instead of trying to get a big rise out of each one. In fact, here’s an ASCII diagram of me going through my daily webcomics routine:

After 1 webcomic – :|

After 5 webcomics – :|

After 20 webcomics – :|

After reading all that I read daily, no matter the amount – :)

And I’ll post my usual DDR accomplishments, since this is most certainly the place to brag. Nothing much else to write about. Oh, I now have about 4 new shirts in the past month, and that’s up from 0 in the past two years… or something. Yeah. Accomplishments. Here we go.

FC’d Matsuri Japan 3 times in a row, TWICE, giving me high 1st and 2nd on 5th Mix.
Passed From Solo since I forgot to try it, with something like a 93%.
Finally passed Love RevenG, screwing up on every song but FCing exotic ethnic, with 91.4%.
James and I BOTH got 611 perfects on 3 songs.
AA’d Paranoia Evolution, Drop Out, and Dead End in the same game, without thinking twice.

Spam Spam Spam, Wonderful Spam

Yeah, I’ve got my “aggressive” Hotmail spam filter and everything, but I still get about 100 spam emails on average in my inbox each day. For my email address, where no spam filters are installed, I get about half that much – but you must understand that I’ve only publicized that email address in one place and it’s in a supposedly spam-free format.

I’ve had my Hotmail address since about 1996, even before it was owned by Microsoft. I’ve had my email address for about a year.

At this point, I’ve almost completely given up with email. I only get one real email about once every 3 days, and there are so many other methods in which I can be contacted. But the problem is, I still must go through my email each day and delete all of those messages, because I can’t have the inbox overflow – I still might need those important emails. It’s impossible to have no email address nowadays.

I also can’t sign up for a new one. It’d just be another thing to constantly check every day. I still need to go through my existing ones.

So, the question is:

Is there anything FUN I can do with spam, seeing as I will never be rid of it? I mean, can I contribute a few more humorous sender/subject combinations to some sort of list? Could I ridicule the spammers any other way? I mean, it’s fresh material, I just can’t let it go to waste each day by throwing it all in the trash. Of course, unlike real junk mail that I can touch and feel and maybe… plaster on a wall for decoration, spam just isn’t as usable. Not to mention that with every spam email I actually open, it finds that my account is active and piles on even more.

Ah, spam… I hate you so much that I’m starting to develop a fondness for you…

Don Deleon says can you handle a Massive Penis?


Durrrr feeling: sick lol

Today was spent being sick. That was the main activity. It’s really fun, you should try it some time.

At this point, my sinuses have almost competely cleared, but it hurts when I blink and I think I’ve lost all feeling in my left year. The rest of my body is aching, and I can’t get to sleep.

Isn’t that EXCITING?

Fortunately, I got nothing done today since every time I summoned up the energy to open Flash and work on the comic or study for any upcoming test or something, my brain gave out and I tried to sleep for an hour. Uhg, not the best day in the world.


Heh, I was surprised to find both Dominic Deegan and 10K Commotion on the front page of Kung Fool today. BTW, read Kung Fool more. Hyung has started a somewhat-daily gag strip called, and it looks niiiiec.

My personal trainer, Marcos, is losing weight for a Gold’s Gym contest. I’m sure he won’t win since it’s worldwide and there’s one winner, but here’s the goal: uh… lose as much weight as possible in a certain amount of time. The grand prize: $500,000.

To compete in this, Marcos put on about 40 pounds, and since then, he’s taken off 50. This has been in about half a year. Is this healthy? No, he doesn’t plan to ever do this again. But he does look pretty damn muscular, although there are some new wrinkles on his face that I’m sure weren’t there before.

Even if he doesn’t win (he won’t), it must have been fun for him. He got to eat as much junk food as he wanted to gain weight, and then he did what he does best to take all that weight off. Good for him.

As for me and my weight training endeavors… well my back hurts like hell. Good thing Marcos is a masseur.

Let’s Dancing started today, and it got a lukewarm response from DDR Freak. That’s a good sign. I didn’t exactly expect anyone to fall in love with the comic… it’ll take time. :P

…and that’s it. What? If you expect me to do one of these things daily, you can’t expect a whole buttload of insight per day! Or maybe you can, but this is Jeffrey we’re talking about.