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This girl at my school has started staring and smiling at me whenever I walk by her in the halls. It started when I was in the compy lab and she was sitting a few rows away from me… and she was staring and smiling. It’s nice and all, but I don’t know what it’s about. Have I done something amazing recently? Anyway, I’ve seen her around and I know her name and such, but I’m just not sure what to do. Letting it just slide for the last few weeks of school doesn’t sound good, but it’s probably what’ll end up happening. That’s too bad.
Senior pr0n is this weekend, and I’m all prepared and stuff. 80’s Guy and Ashley are preparing a limo to pick up the 10 of us (including James and Momo, me and Hannah, Steve and Nessa, Liron and uh, his date) and drive us to the Regency Center in San Francisco. There we’ll dance by jumping up and down and swaying back and forth in tuxedos for a few hours, and then we have the limo to ourselves for a few hours. We were thinking of driving around and stopping at every Jack In The Box and Denny’s and see how many burgers Steve
can stuff in his mouth.
Hannah’s really excited about the prom. Of course, she’s all boyfriendy with Jeremiah, but that really doesn’t matter. I just wanted to invite her because I think she’d have a great time. Hannah’s too good of a friend to have as the girlfriend type, you know? After much consideration, I’ve really decided that I’m not the boyfriend type, anyway. Not for high school level relationships. I’m pretty happy (read: stable) single.
Next day I’m planning on going to Great America for Bryan’s belated and delayed birthday, so there’s no after-prom bash of sorts… I’m glad, I’d probably want to sleep.
LOL at something isn’t my idea of humor. If a joke is something I LOL at, it’s probably got something to do with poop and weenies. Like yesterday’s Arlo and Janis. Arlo’s rowboat is zooming down a canal and he’s chasing after it on the side screaming “SOMEBODY GRAB MY DINGHY!” That, to me, isn’t good humor. It’s definitely something I’d get a laugh out of, though.
Good humor comes with a sense of intrigue and original thought. It shows that the author knows what he’s talking about and can convey it in one of the best ways possible to his recievers. That’s why I have almost never laughed at any webcomics, most of which I think are simply hilarious. What’s more important is the sense that I’ve gotten through all of them and felt a fact of satisfaction instead of trying to get a big rise out of each one. In fact, here’s an ASCII diagram of me going through my daily webcomics routine:
After 1 webcomic – 😐
After 5 webcomics – 😐
After 20 webcomics – 😐
After reading all that I read daily, no matter the amount – 🙂
And I’ll post my usual DDR accomplishments, since this is most certainly the place to brag. Nothing much else to write about. Oh, I now have about 4 new shirts in the past month, and that’s up from 0 in the past two years… or something. Yeah. Accomplishments. Here we go.
FC’d Matsuri Japan 3 times in a row, TWICE, giving me high 1st and 2nd on 5th Mix.
Passed From Solo since I forgot to try it, with something like a 93%.
Finally passed Love RevenG, screwing up on every song but FCing exotic ethnic, with 91.4%.
James and I BOTH got 611 perfects on 3 songs.
AA’d Paranoia Evolution, Drop Out, and Dead End in the same game, without thinking twice.

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