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Whoa… I’m typing this entry in the LiveJournal textbox… it’s so different from my native Movable Type textbox… this is just too weird. I’ll try not to explode from the difference in dimensions or color scheme. Work with me here.
My sister, if’n you didn’t know, can pass some 9-footers now: Matsuri Japan, Rhythm and Police, and INSERTiON, to name a few. Yeah, that’s right, a 13-year-old can kick your ass.
My grades are borderline in Pre-Calc, and that ain’t good. I asked my teacher what the grade jump in Honors means – he says that I only get an extra grade point if I get a C or above. So that means that while a C translates to a B, a D stays a D. I’ll kick that Calculus Readiness Exam’s ass, though, so there’s no need to worry… much.
I’m looking for teh summer job. I’ve tried contacting some people in need of websites – I think I’m up for some more design this summer – but I haven’t gotten any replies. I also signed up for the internship program at my school, and I was even going to be hooked up with a paid web design job – when the job supervisor DIED. Like, a day or two ago. Hopefully it was because he was really old or something. Something very similar happened to my dad – he was going to present something to a superior, and he worked on it for weeks. On the day of the presentation, the whole thing was cancelled because his superior’s parachute didn’t open.
Well, it happens.
There’s just a little more than a week left of school as I know it. That’s good to know, but I tend to keep the thought in the back of my head. We’re still doing a bunch of stuff in all of my classes, so although finals are a little more than a week from now, it just doesn’t seem that way. This is for the better since I’m not showing any severe signs of this newfangled “senioritis” thingo.
…heh, “La Senioritis Virtual.”
A few days ago I stopped off at Starbase, where Chris and Noah were hangin’ out. Aside from Joint Game Premium, the game was crashing one helluva lot, due to the weather. Chris and I decided to try our luck on the Trick oni course and it crashed 3 times in a row in the SAME PLACE. We shut down the machine, cooled it off, restarted it, it crashed while loading, and finally we were back to Trick. It didn’t freeze this time, and I got all the way to the beginning of Ecstasy. Uh, hooray for me.
Since the machine would probably just keep crashing, Chris gave me a few credits as he and Noah left. Jeez, Chris is such a nice guy. Besides just fueling Chris’s part-time job salary by pumping quarters, I’ve got to find some way of thanking him or doing something for him.
I haven’t been in anyone else’s car for quite some time, since I’ve been doing almost all of my driving… this whole year, in fact. But due to some complicated car pickup plan, my dad wanted me to drive my stepmom’s Acura yesterday. Acura is a division of Honda, so the Integra handles almost exactly the same way as the Accord… only BETTER. Gawd, it was as if my car had grown 10 years younger and it was… just… more responsive. Bwaugh. It was just a simple ride down the freeway, but it was fun. I can’t wait until a few years into college, where I probably get a new car. We’re probably going to sell THUH CAR ITSELF at the end of the summer, since I won’t be using it, nor will anyone else, for quite some time.
Oh, and probably coming up even sooner is a new computer, as some sort of graduation present. ASSUMING I GRADUATE LOL BECAUSE I MIGHT NOT J/K


  1. How much are you thinking of selling the car for? I’m thinking of buying, because I should be getting my premit and maybe licnece byt the end of the summer.

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