When I don’t blog about an event like less than two days after it happened, the whole blog becomes sort of routine and emotionless.
Oh wait, I went to senior prom because it was my senior prom, not because it was an emotional experience! Wa ha! Now it’s crystal clear.
Well anyway. I picked up my tuxedo last Friday. Although I had ordered a long tie, I got a bowtie. My pants were one inch too short. The buckle on the back of the vest was sorta cracked. There was such a long wait at the formalwear place, though, that I didn’t really feel like complaining.
Let’s jump to Sunday afternoon where I lied around in my underpants for a few hours, awaiting the scheduled time to shower and dress to such a degree that I was too cautious to start anything else. Of course, just a few minutes before my scheduled shower time I decided to attempt the Hard Core oni course on DDRMAX. So I was a little late.
So, I got all dressed up and gelled up and shaved up and awaited the arrival of James and Momo, as they wanted to be dropped off at my house so they could appear at our meeting place without a parent dropping them off. I have no idea why because my house is quite out of the way (and my car is janky and was coated with birdoo at the time), but I drove’em anyway.
What I expected to be a rather packed high school meeting place for all limos to drive up and pick up people turned out to be a deserted place. Hannah, my date for this entourage, showed up in one heckuva flowing light green dress. It looked great. And we exchanged corsages and stuff and took pictures. Sooner or later the rest of our party showed up and we got in our limo and were on our way. In retrospect, I think everyone at that time was already on the go and eating dinner and everything, but that wasn’t exactly in our plans.
Of course I have to mention Steve and Nessa’s clothing. Since Nessa had already been to a few proms this year, she and Steve decided to dress up totally Matrix style. Everyone else who had spent hundreds on a dumb ol’ tuxedo or dress was ashamed.
The limo fits 8. There were 10 people. I sat on the floor. I dropped minibar water bottles on James’s crotch. I damaged my exceptionally large tailbone on a few bumps. Good times.
We were the first group to arrive at the Regency Center in San Francisco. Our limo actually dropped us off around the corner and we were just a tad surprised at what we saw – in the same building on the first floor, some sort of Castro (i.e. largely homosexual) dance rave was taking place. Some guys commented Nessa on her attire. I tried remaining high-spirited and not dumb-looking as we walked around the corner into the building. Our dance was on the third floor but we could still hear the rave down below. And of course when someone down below pulled the fire alarm, we heard it too.
Fortunately we didn’t have to evacuate… supposedly someone was just having some fun.
The beginning of a dance is always the awkward and quiet part – the music hasn’t started yet, people are just hanging around the FREE CAKE AND SHIRLEY TEMPLES~! and sitting at the tables on the side of the room, looking slightly snazzy. Hannah and I found a side room filled with balloons and we tied them around our waists so we could find each other if we got lost. Hannah would also greet anyone who was wearing a nice dress, or an old friend that she hadn’t seen in a while. It was cool to see everyone so overdressed.
Sooner or later the dancing started… we mostly stayed on the side and imitated people who were “grinding” and doing other lewd dance moves. Hannah could not stop pointing and laughing at things. I think she had sufficient reason to.
Time sorta flew. There was a lot of loud music that we didn’t like, but we ended up dancing to one or two slow songs (sway left, sway right, repeat) and attempting to tango to rap. And to swing to slow songs as well.
NEWS AT 11! Momo had to be home by midnight, or she would only be able to draw pumpkins for the rest of her days. Or the limo would turn into a pumpkin. Or something that has to do with pumpkins. So we let James and Momo return early as we were left at the dance until 12:30 – half an hour after the dance officially ended. Fortunately we were able to hang out in the empty dance hall and take some cake and brownies from the cleaners before they threw them away.

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