I'm a hack

Beat de Grace

Yesterday I was asked to make mad hip hop beatzes, so to “warm up” I tried sampling one of my favorite tunes at the time, Hybrid’s “Coup de Grace.” The problem is I sampled so much of it that it’s seriously the original song with a beat and bass line put on top of it. Maybe if I mess with it more I’ll get something slightly more original, but who knows.


So here are some of my attempts at food from the last few days.

This is what resulted from sushi making a few days ago…

No wonder it takes so long for people to learn how to make this stuff.

Here’s how the gumbo turned out:

Onion, cucumber, shrimp, scallop, salmon.

Cookin’ dat shit.

All the spices and shit I put in.



And finally, I made oyakodon again today and it actually turned out really nice. Made way too much as usual though so I guess it’ll be my dinner and a few meals after that too.

Holy wowsers!!!


I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! Will I get it? Naw I hate sports games and I hate things made to support events. But it’s a game starring Mario and Sonic!