Ōban Star-Racers

http://www.savtheworld.com/eng/oban_trailer.php3 (requires Real Alternative)

I’ve been following Ōban Star-Racers (or Molly, Star-Racer) for 5 years now, and it’s finally getting here… the only major change is that the characters aren’t cel-shaded anymore! Pretty fascinating that they’d do away with that plan. That’s probably why it took 8 years to make it, since they probably needed to start over somewhere along the lines.

The show still looks like it’ll be awesome – the characters are well-designed, the style is much more fleshed-out – but I was looking forward to a completely 3D CG show. I guess having all the backdrops and mobiles rendered is still nice.

The music’s fitting, too. Still got an anime feel, but a lot nicer than licensed J-Pop.

edit I guess you couldn’t say I’ve been actually “following” it since it seems they made this jump from 3D French animation to 2D Japanese animation back in 2002. Oh well!

my god man

I realized recently that I’m reaching the big 200. In POUNDS. I’ve been totally freaked out recently when I’ve had to buy pants that are inches past what I usually wear and I haven’t been able to fit into some of my old fancier stuff. All this while being told I don’t look any heavier.

So I’m eating right. Small meat portions. Fruit all the time. Still no soda. Dessert once a day at most. Also going to play a lot more DDR (because that’s all the exercise I can muster).


Dammit Pirated copy of OSX 10.4.3 that I spent a long time to get working! How dare you not work in my laptop’s native 1440×900 resolution? And then for the final blow, you decide not to stand by when I close the case! Man you’d think that pre-release pirated cracked unsupported software would work reliably!

Oh well. At least I can look at how pretty it is for a while until I realize it’s useless.

Entry barrage #3

I’m thinking of starting a new site: dumbjournal.com

Dumbjournal would be the place where people can post public entries from LiveJournal that they feel are especially stupid in one way or another. They’d be put into categories, things like: drunk, cheerleader, emo, punk, suicidal, inept, etc. People could rate them on how stupid they are.

I think this’d be totally okay because LiveJournal is supposed to be a place where people expose themselves and allow the public to look at them – if they don’t want that, they can make their stuff locked. The one thing I’m uncertain about is whether these entries should link to the original author… I’m thinking yes, so as to stop claims of plagiarism or the like. Also, there’d be a method where the original author of the post could request that it be removed by authenticating themselves.

To submit entries, people would simply punch in the URL of the entry on LiveJournal, and Dumbjournal would do the rest by parsing the entry and putting it on the site. This’d be a way to make sure that locked entries don’t get on the site – if Dumbjournal can’t read it, it won’t go on.

I think it’d be a source of endless laughs. Mean, yes, but a comeuppance to those who decide to make their lives public. Any thoughts?

Entry barrage #2

I actually like the way the Porter Quad looks now. Looks like a demolition zone. There are giant holes in the ground where people once stood and conversed. Giant cranes lifting enormous poles, trucks all over the place, jackhammers, people standing in horror as their favorite landmark is soiled by reconstruction.


I’m playing this game a lot like Cave Story (Doukutsu Mongatari) in that it’s a small, free, pixely action/adventure game. You play this guy named Lyle whose kitty was stolen and he has to throw blocks at bad guys to get him back. It’s really cute, very fun, and pretty difficult. I made some fanart for it! This is like the first picture I’ve drawn in a really long time. Flash w/tablet.

Download it here. I highly recommend it.

Website broked

If anyone ever happens to come upon www.jeffreyatw.com, don’t get your hopes up about CAR returning – it’s just a hosting problem. The server that hosts my site was power-cycled a buttload of times and it screwed up data on a bunch of RAID drives, so my stuff that I didn’t back up might be in peril. Either way the site is simply rolled back to an August version on a different server for now.

Of course no one really visits jeffreyatw.com anymore so whatever I guess I’m talking to myself.