This was probably the best year at Fanime so far. (2006 holds special significance, and in fact today signals the 2nd anniversary of me and Shiranne becoming a couple!) The best part about Fanime is seeing so many freaking people I haven’t seen in a while. People from Marin, from many different groups within UCSC,… Continue reading Fanime???

Awesomelinks #59

A day in brands. Tea Time with Hitler. Nicovideo medley a la Super Mario World. Vafla interrupts meeting. Hand painting. Weezer’s new video.

Flight booked

I just booked my flight to Israel. JFK to TLV, July 8. I don’t know how much I talked about this but yeah, this summer I’m leavin’ America for a while and spending time with Shiranne in Israel, while taking part in a professional internship program. A lot of it is for evaluation purposes –… Continue reading Flight booked


I am going to Fanime too guys woo woo but I am so removed from the entire Bay Area group at this point that I don’t think anyone will especially benefit from the knowledge that I will be there! Wow that sounded kind of depressing. Not supposed to be! I am going to have a… Continue reading umm

Dick Week Dam

There is a place in Napa County called Dick Week Dam. To get there, you need to drive through Pope Valley on Butts Canyon Road. ROAD TRIP???


I’m at SuperHappyDevHouse it’s cool is anyone else!


I just took $100 of my money earned by sitting on a chair for a few hours and moved it from the world’s #1 superpower to the world’s current #1 trainwreck, Myanmar! I kind of think you should do the same because you’ll probably save a whole lot of lives. Donate because you don’t really… Continue reading Donate

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Awesomelinks #57

Raise a mountain in your pants. Surgery. Facebook in Reality. Flaming Robot Walking Shopping Cart. Doin Thangs. T-Rex Eats Dude On Toilet.


I’m just realizing that, after more than four years of having my social circle based outside of San Rafael, that I really have no remaining social circle IN San Rafael. I had a good amount of friends to hang out with back in the day (whether I took advantage of that fact is a different… Continue reading Realize