This was probably the best year at Fanime so far. (2006 holds special significance, and in fact today signals the 2nd anniversary of me and Shiranne becoming a couple!)

The best part about Fanime is seeing so many freaking people I haven’t seen in a while. People from Marin, from many different groups within UCSC, people from the Bemani scene, even a guest appearance from Florida’s very own Doctor Nick – I mean, I think there were more people I’ve made friends with throughout my life at Fanime than those who didn’t make it. That in itself is reason to go. Reason to even stand the worst of memes, smells, and BMI’s.

Events include hacking the hotel TV to re-enable the disabled input button, Paolo’s first stand-up routine, a bomb-ass dance on Sunday night, and mad fine eats all throughout. The experience was quite a good one and it’s too bad that it only happens once a year. I’m sure to make it again next year.

Flight booked

I just booked my flight to Israel. JFK to TLV, July 8.

I don’t know how much I talked about this but yeah, this summer I’m leavin’ America for a while and spending time with Shiranne in Israel, while taking part in a professional internship program. A lot of it is for evaluation purposes – what it’s like to live for a long period of time outside of America, working in another country, spending a lot of time with Shiranne (finally!), etc.

Now don’t worry because it’s a round trip flight – I have an arbitrary return date of November 16, but that doesn’t mean much – at this point I don’t know how long my internship will go, so it could be months before or after. But I do plan on heading back to California and workin’ in the Bay Area. For now, at least.

By the way, I’m having a great time at my current job. I’m in the process of implementing a forum, after having successfully implemented an internet TV section and adding a whole bunch of improvements, etc. etc. It’s fun, but the only problem is that the job’s in Marin – and eventually I want to move out of Marin. And of course, first I’ll be moving out of America for a bit.

That’s what’s going on! Back to work and then off to Fanime.


I am going to Fanime too guys woo woo but I am so removed from the entire Bay Area group at this point that I don’t think anyone will especially benefit from the knowledge that I will be there!

Wow that sounded kind of depressing. Not supposed to be! I am going to have a load of fun, and alcohol!

Damn it that still sounds depressing!

By the way here is my number in sexatrigesimal because other people are doing it in clever ways and maybe if I do it clever-style then more people will want to take it down even though they can get it on my Facebook whenever: 1WOUD98

One would ninety-eight, indeed!


I’m just realizing that, after more than four years of having my social circle based outside of San Rafael, that I really have no remaining social circle IN San Rafael. I had a good amount of friends to hang out with back in the day (whether I took advantage of that fact is a different story), but then I was in Santa Cruz for four years, and while I was here over the summer, for the most part it wasn’t spent socializing. Besides work, I don’t really know what it was spent doing. Moping, maybe.

I don’t know what really happened to San Rafael. People moved to Silicon Valley to pursue more lucrative stuff, I grew out of some activities that others kept with, and with others I just lost touch.

Well now that I’m considering the Bay Area as my long term place to live (Seattle and Israel being other places), I have to sort of build that strong social connection back up again, and now I have the time and resources to do it. I’m looking at local blogs, checking out forums to see what people my age are up to, and hell, this is the Bay Area; there’s a ton of stuff happening all the time. Not a whole lot in San Rafael, per se, but I moved back to the Bay Area knowing I’d be driving all over the fucking place. A blessing and a curse.

Shiranne’s going through a similar thing. Might have to distance herself from some groups of friends, but she’s got the gumption to go and make new groups and try new things. My sister posted on her blog that she wishes I’d go do the same thing – and yes, I certainly am.

But right now my butt really hurts so I’m going to take this weekend off… heh. Tomorrow I’m going with my pops to the Maker Faire! Anyone else down?