Awesomelinks: The End

I am no longer going to be posting Awesomelinks on my journal! My LJ has always been, first and foremost, a journal. So Awesomelinks will now be posted to my Facebook. Friend me if you haven’t! edit They’re here now

Awesomelinks #67

Lookit dat dawg!!! Excited teapot. Filled-in country maps. My ankles are broke. Bear Creek Apartments. Digsby, the best IM client (Windows only for now).

Awesomelinks #65

Lookit dat dawg. Lookit dat car. Dinosaur. Bert and Ernie rap. Malwebolence. Customized RSS feed for album releases from your favorite artists.

Awesomelinks #64

Mega Man 9 cover art. Ribs thang. Trap-jaw ants. Font Conference. More Google videos from the Vacationeers. Oh my god.

Awesomelinks #63

Rube Golberg cocktail machine. Baman Piderman. Reversal. Underneath it All. Human Mirror. Where the Hell is Matt?

Awesomelinks #62

Eddie Murphy. Hot Saus. Joe Cocker transcription. Seizure Robot. Wind Waker manga. Tomorrow Never Knows.

Awesomelinks #61

Radiohead’s Nude covered by old electronics. Free money. Kids’ drawings into photos. Batman. Club cocktail. Google Good News.

Awesomelinks #60

Tears. Eagle and swan. Ad on a bus. MySpace’s intervention. Lego boulder. ad.

Awesomelinks #59

A day in brands. Tea Time with Hitler. Nicovideo medley a la Super Mario World. Vafla interrupts meeting. Hand painting. Weezer’s new video.