Awesomelinks #7

I can’t believe this was rendered on the PSP. (Given the resolution, it’s safe to say it wasn’t. Your mom. This is probably the best thing DC has ever done. I’m low on links, so here’s a site that shows live Twitters from around the world. 1000 bonus points if you see one of mine!

Awesomelinks #6

Jesus, has it already been 6 days already? Here’s a bunch of YouTube stuff. Keep fighting for America, Wheel of Fortune lady. A relatively awesome 20/20 special on atheism. So many aggressive turtle videos. Hitler video. I lol’d a bit but I’m glad they cut it short. Not YouTube: FLY THROUGH THE SKY.

Awesomelinks #5

Awesomelinks Rule #2: No more than six links a day. People sort of get dizzied by the amount of clickable stuff after that amount. Flippaz!, an awesome Disney sports movie genre parody. Camera taping smiling people at a Japanese rotating sushi bar. Trent Reznor is pretty good at pissing off (and getting pissed off at)… Continue reading Awesomelinks #5

Awesomelinks #4

Lookit dat car in the mud. World’s highest swing Jane Fonda and Stephen Colbert OTP (imagine her still at Barbarella’s age and it’s hotter) Toads out of the back of a toad. This awesome animation series about a drawing on a wall. The one on the left sort of looks like a man.

Awesomelinks #3

French video about a bar asshole. Summa my homework. Canada. Where you can hide your weight, but not your mass! Nap pods. I don’t think the term “futuristic” can really apply anymore, seeing how this is the future. My roommate told me that this is from “Elfen Lied” but I don’t care. Paris Hilton.

Awesomelinks #2

Oral sex linked to throat cancer. FF4 for the DS. Giant panorama from Mt. Tamalpais in Marin by Logan Grime. 360 degree Death Valley night panorama. Rational Response Team vs. the Way of the Master on ABC. Laundry room girl. My kind of humor.

Awesomelinks #1

I plan on giving you guys some awesome links. So you’re not all left out of the awesome. Rule 1 of Awesomelinks: Links are timeless! It does not matter if the link is an hour old or a decade old. Jumper. A bunch of guys jumping. Kool-Aid pickles. Prime numbers make pretty stuff. Final Fantasy… Continue reading Awesomelinks #1