What would you do

What would all you Bloggers do…

If I redesigned my LJ to look like a Blogspot page?!?

You’d all be really conflicted and go like “OH NO, there goes our trendiness! LJ does everything that Blogspot does, and it also adds friend lists! The only thing that separated the two were the cool designs that Blogspot has! Why, Jeffrey, why?!?”

Seriously, I think the only thing that makes LJ different from Blogspot is that most people read your LJ from their friends page, while you have to be coaxed into visiting the person’s site to read their Blogspot – but that’s not really true anymore, since both places offer RSS. Excuse me while I syndicate all your Blogspot pages so they’re back on LJ whether you like it or not! I’m reading all your Blogger blogs from LJ, suckas. You’ve been one-upped!

Now, someone find the post I made back in 2001 or 2002 when I was back on Blogger where I talk about why LJ is so dumb for the same exact reason.

Speaking about Blogger, here’s the Midgar Swamp, with Blogger posts from 2001 to 2003, now on Blogspot:
The embarrassment will never cease!


It’s so sad to see people who sound so sure of themselves, yet they’re really so full of uncertainty and hate. Amazing how these people use charisma to boost themselves into hollow friendships, and eventually flawed leadership positions…

Examples upon request!

Phoenix Wright

I seriously doubted and avoided this game for a long time since I didn’t understand the hype – mostly because I

1) dislike court sessions – they’re often very boring and unnecessary
2) don’t like most text games, Japanese especially – dating sims have given me a bad taste

but holy SHIT is Phoenix Wright entertaining. It’s amazingly well-written. All of the characters are deep and believable. It’s so amazingly gripping. You get such a feeling of victory (and defeat) at times that it leaves you giggling or flabbergasted.

Highly, highly recommended. There is no reason not to give this game a go. (uhh even if you don’t have a DS!) Buyit buyit buyit

Work is really difficult part two

Robots… with emotions? How novel! I think I will make a t-shirt of this idea!

Someone has to make a t-shirt of an preexisting robot with emotions. Like a Roomba, or a Packbot. None of this “killer robot that looks like all the other killer robots” shit. I mean a robot that mows your lawn or something. It wouldn’t sell, but at least it would be more realistic. “Oh no, I was made to fold laundry! :'(”

I haven’t been talking a lot about this for some reason, but my summer job is amazingly boring, in that they aren’t giving me anything to do. My entire life from 9 till 5 is sitting at a desk and waiting for an email to arrive so I can do a task that takes 10 minutes – and I usually get an email like this once a week.

It’s not like I’m taking this sitting down, though. (Literally, though, yes I am.) I email my superiors once a day, asking for a new assignment. The response I get is “we’ll think about it” or “we’ll schedule a meeting so we can sit down and talk about what we’re going to do next” (but they forget to schedule it). I should be sitting here, happy that I’m making a good sum of money by doing absolutely nothing, but, uh… that’s just horrible.

It’s horrible because I want to feel like I can make a difference. It’s horrible because I want to demonstrate and improve my skills. It’s horrible because I feel really guilty about making money for nothing. It’s horrible because I’m so terribly bored that it’s almost not worth it. It’s horrible because no one wants to hear me complain about how I get paid to do nothing – supposedly people would kill for that. It’s horrible because all of this money is going toward me, while it really could be going toward something so much more meaningful. It’s horrible because there are probably millions of people just like me sitting in cubicles just like mine also doing nothing… all that money is going to waste. It’s a capitalistic failure.

So I finally went past my superiors (who I recall discussing about a week after I joined Autodesk – “well, he did what the job description asked – now what?”) and talked to my University Programs Coordinator, who manages my internship. I’ll be talking to her tomorrow about what to do about this whole thing. I hope she doesn’t fire me. :P

Oh speaking about that, I sort of “quit” Uth TV. Nothing wrong with them, it’s just that I feel burnt out. I can’t make ProcrastiMATIONs anymore. Once I feel I’m not up to anything, there’s nothing I can do – I just have to stop. I’m even about halfway through an animation and I’ve asked people to voice act for it – but I just can’t bring myself to finish. Oh well. I might return some day when I feel up to animating some more.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the past week or so. Everyone seems to be around but no one seems to be doing anything. I’d ask if anyone wants to do anything, but that doesn’t lead to much, so I think I’ll be singling people out soon and inviting them to kick it with like a play or some sort of outdoor event or just hanging out and gaming, or something. You have been warned!

Two new simfiles!

I’m updating my site! How old skool!

I made these two Stepmania simfiles of Prodigy songs from Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, an album which everyone seems to hate for some reason. I quite like it but maybe because it’s really loud.

I like the steps I did for both of these a whole lot and I liked cutting ’em down to 2 minutes.

Get Up Get Off (Hard: 10)

The Way It Is (Hard: 9)

Neither of ’em have Easy or Medium steps though, nor do they have backgrounds or banner images… because I was really lazy.

To play ’em, install Stepmania, and then just double click both of them. They’ll install and when you run Stepmania you can play ’em.


Jeffrey Faden's Facebook profileFacebook just started a new feature called “Notes” recently – it’s sort of a blogging service, but if you already have a blog you can simply add its RSS feed and it’ll show up in Notes.

They also created this nifty badge-making tool, like the one you see here.

So hello out there to everyone who’s reading this from their new Facebook Friends’ Notes page.