New neighborhood.
New house.
Golden Gate Bridge.
Yerba Buena.
Twin Peaks.
Haight and Ashbury.
New TV.
Marche aux Fleurs.
The Valley.
Pt. Reyes.
Mount Tam.
Tam Water District.
San Geronimo.
Dinner at home.
My car in Santa Cruz.
My bike in Santa Cruz.


Dammit dammit. My dad said it might be a good idea for me to take the car down to Santa Cruz for the next month, but there’s no chance in hell of parking on campus, and I don’t know of any way to park around the base of campus. So I come to you, LiveJournal!

SOMEONE FIND ME A WAY TO KEEP MY CAR IN SANTA CRUZ AT LEAST UNTIL THANKSGIVING. If you live nearby and have room on your curb or you know of some hookup with some parking lot or you’ve found a loophole and can miraculously keep your car in your dorm room and can tell me how, then please, do so.

I need tips!

Oh forgot.

Hey guys I forgot to mention Stephanie and I are heading to the Bay Area for the weekend. We’ll be seeing my sister in concert later tonight, going into the city tomorrow, hanging with my family, the whole shebang. Be back Sunday night!

What I listen to

Tagged so I’ll do this thang again.

1) Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis. I like Amon Tobin’s more poppy stuff. This one’s simply classic. I don’t really know if it’s intentional or not cuz I’m not really good with naming songs myself, but the piano and drum loops can totally portray some giant mantis terrorizing a city.

2) Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse. It’s from a video game and that fact alone is awesome. Great atmospheric music that just builds up, and great bass guitar, too. The bass guitar sorta reminds me of this one level from Lumines, like Mukuro or something.

3) Röyksopp – Alpha Male. I tend to like Röyksopp’s non-vocal stuff a lot. The latest album has a bit less of that, but they’ve still got this track at least. Great beat, great repetitions. It’s quite straightforward and that’s why I like it.

4) Zero 7 – Likufanele. Also really repetitive – but that’s what I’ve had stuck in my head, just the loop. With the chanting, the percussion, the brass. It’s amazingly relaxing.

5) Fingathing – Walk In Space. Bryan gave me this Fingathing CD and I finally gave it a listen, and this track’s really great. Fingathing’s a lot like Amon Tobin, but a little less, say… grainy. Nice use of samples, and the entire CD’s full of awesome strings.

6) ☺ – Utopia. It’s really bad techno. All of KeeL’s stuff is really bad techno. But some of them are just way too catchy. I like how his “happy” persona still uses some awesome harmony.

7) Four Tet – Everything is Alright. It’s melodic IDM! Looping guitar riffs! I love it! And Bryan just hooked me up with a few full CDs of Four Tet. So now I am happy.

Whale Watching

Stephanie and I went whale watching yesterday off the Monterey Bay. It was greatsome. I’d never been whale watching before but supposedly this was a really successful trip since we saw a bunch of different whales, and some of them were even breaching. Here’s some good shots.

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So people are always like “wow you’re so sheepish going to the office and succumbing to a corporate society and blah blah blah” – but everyone’s got to have an idea of what living really is, right?

In the back of the minds of many, it’s doing something outrageous, like bungee jumping off a helicopter covered in lead paint while jamming on an electric guitar, or something like that. If you haven’t done something completely LIVELY and full of LIFE and LIFETY LIFENESS LIFE, then you’re being a sheep?

Sounds like the opposite to me. People continue to run away from just living life and enjoying what they have and say “my life hasn’t started yet” – with this phrase, it still sounds like they’re just trying to fit in.


You know you’re a nerd when…
You refresh your LiveJournal Friends page rapidly.

You know you’re hopeless when…
You refresh your LiveJournal Friends page rapidly, and every time you click, something new shows up.