So people are always like “wow you’re so sheepish going to the office and succumbing to a corporate society and blah blah blah” – but everyone’s got to have an idea of what living really is, right?
In the back of the minds of many, it’s doing something outrageous, like bungee jumping off a helicopter covered in lead paint while jamming on an electric guitar, or something like that. If you haven’t done something completely LIVELY and full of LIFE and LIFETY LIFENESS LIFE, then you’re being a sheep?
Sounds like the opposite to me. People continue to run away from just living life and enjoying what they have and say “my life hasn’t started yet” – with this phrase, it still sounds like they’re just trying to fit in.


    1. Or, in a more general way, they haven’t taken the sole responsibility of their own life yet (including making $$$ to feed themselves).
      Although, it also commonly occurs that people simply get bored of years and even decades of their daily grind and dream of an escape….  A kind of self-scorn, so to say.

  1. My life has just barely started. It’s just so slight that, well, maybe in comparrison to most people it hasn’t started yet. I haven’t had a career or a “real” job. I haven’t had a job in my chosen field. I haven’t made an impact anywhere yet. But I’ve started to make those things happen, at least. So yeah, it’s just barely started. That’s where I feel I’m at. As of, say, a year and a half ago I would have said “no, my life hasn’t started yet,” and you would tell me I’m trying to fit in. Oh well… that’s where I was.
    Lively to me is getting up off my ass and making a difference. If getting up off your ass means sitting right back down in another location, oh well. At least you got off it in the first place.
    meh… sorry for the lengthy reply…

    1. Well what I’m talking about is the “in comparison to most people” bit. It’s really not fair nor is it necessary to compare oneself to other people in terms of their acheivements and goals.
      As for what you call “lively,” I agree. Making a difference is a big part of life. But then again, that’s also available for interpretation – you can do a lot by still being a physically inactive person.
      It is true that I didn’t really offer any alternative or anything myself to completely rocking out and becoming one with existence in my post. I think we’re less about “not living yet” and more about “learning about life.”

  2. I don’t think anyone really has the right to comment on how other people live, we all just need to face the facts that no one has gone through the same exact life twice. Individuals lives are like snowflakes.. frosty and melt fast.

  3. I kind of like the stability of the office job! I’d rather be sitting at a computer all day then I don’t know, lifting stuff or even having to walk regularly. I can have snacks

  4. You contradicted yourself.
    Initially, it seemed to me that the point of your entry was that all of us have different perspectives on “life.”
    I agree with that.
    However, the second half of your entry attacks those who think that “living” is about doing something extreme and outrageous.
    There’s nothing wrong with fitting into the typical 9-5 corporate society, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sky dive. It’s simply different ways of living for different people.
    They have a right to criticize, as do you.
    However, by criticizing those who perceive “living” as doing exciting, dangerous things, how are you any better than these people you claim are “just trying to fit in?”
    It seems clear to me that you are also a culprit of “trying to fit in” — except with a group on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    1. I’m not criticizing those who live life “extremely.” I’m criticizing those who think that they haven’t lived UNTIL they’ve done something like that. That could be anyone.
      What’s more, I’m not living in a 9 to 5 office world. I’ve done it, I’m not doing it now, I have no concrete plans for anything.

      1. Throwing in the “until” doesn’t change the basic premise of your criticism, nor does it nullify the inherent hypocrisy. People have a right to think that they haven’t lived until they’ve done something extreme.
        In addition, I am fully aware that you are a full-time student. You don’t have to live in a 9 to 5 corporate environment to attempt to “fit in” with that mode of thinking. “Society” is more than a physical setup.
        Your words echo that of a disgruntled office worker in support of the 9-5 culture/lifestyle — regardless of your current occupation or plans for the future.

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