Song Meme from chickensnack!

Hello! Here is a sampler of 30 random songs from my iPod, about 10 seconds each. Guess the artist and title of each track! One or the other will give you half a point. Google is discouraged.

Listen here???

Comments will be screened but I will keep score of everyone!

regularryan: 4 points
chickensnack: 30 2 points
gogalucky: 1.75 points
357_calibur: 1.5 points
pheardapowah: 1.5 points
bone316: 1 point
night_tracker: 1 point
thebossjustin: 1 point

My collection is sort of mainstream in some ways! I did not intend this to be especially obscure or especially easy, it’s just random stuff from my iPod. If I wanted to make it harder I’d choose tunes from my entire library. Maybe if this turns out to be too easy I will do that next.

Tell me if you want to know the name of anything in particular. I enjoy sharing!

Summa dat update

Let’s recap on what’s happening! HELLO FUTURE ME! THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING. Hello everyone else from the present, too.

Well my first quarter as a grad student is winding on down. The catch is I have only really been taking one 3-credit grad class. The other two classes are at North Seattle Community College – Calculus 1 and Programming 2. NSCC’s a bus ride today. I have to ride there at least once every day.

So my time on the bus is spent reading (in the middle of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods), or playing the DS when there’s something to play. (Phoenix Wright 3 is coming to me by way of GameFly, so that’s what I’ll be doing for the next week or so.) Next quarter I’m taking a class at Seattle Central Community College, which is a lot closer to where I live. Much less bussin’.

I might still be bussin’ up to the North Seattle area a bit next quarter, though, since I’ve made a new friend in one of my classes and she and I might be hangin’ out. Who knows. We’ll see!

I don’t know if I told any of you guys about my roommates! They are cool dudes. I’m staying in an apartment with three UW sophomores and we’re getting along great. We play Smash Bros. Melee a ton; I’m getting really good at Fox. (FOX YOU SAY??? HOW GENERIC AND CHEAP!!! Yes well I am also quite good at Captain Falcon and Marth so there we go.) But not really as good as Bill who is a friend of my roommate Zack! He won at the recent 200-person smash tourney as Peach! He is about thrice as good as me with Peach and twice as good with Yoshi! It’s crazy.

What you guys DO know is that I am spending most of my time doing homework, and that sort of stinks. Hopefully next quarter will be a little easier but I can’t really be certain of that. I’m taking Calculus 2 and Data Structures (sort of Programming 3), so they’ll probably just be harder versions of what I’m taking now. We will see! Hopefully I will be able to manage my homework time a bit better and fit in more gym visits.

I am going to the Bay Area for Winter vacation. BE PREPARED! …to drive me around! Because I sold my car. And getting around the Bay Area without a car will be hard.

I think I’m going to spend most of the vacation writing about places I am planning to apply to for summer internships. It’s a requirement of my grad program that I write a bunch of pages about an internship I plan on, or am in the middle of, taking. Hopefully I end up working someplace good! I already applied to Microsoft and I am looking into Amazon and Yahoo! as well. Not sure if I’m setting my sights way too high, but UW does seem to have the best Computational Linguistics department out there so hey if that’s who they’re hiring, I’m their dude.

Well I think that is it for now! Things are okay. My group of friends is slowly but surely growing. Things are great with my roommates. I’m feeling pretty comfortable being on my own. Okay I will stop typing!

Things what I want for Holidays

– A long winter coat
– An Apple Keyboard
– A spare set of iPhone earbuds
– An HD projector
– A simple AV receiver well shit! I went to the local 2nd-hand hardware store and found a freaking awesome one plus some great new speakers. The guy asked for $150 for the whole package.

The last two being ridiculous for my current situation – not only are they extremely expensive but I really have no place for either of them.

I’ve started buying presents for my family! Online though. I mean I wouldn’t shop at a big store today that would be crazy.


So I was looking at the Amazon Kindle this morning and thinking about how ugly it is and how I’d never want to tote some big clunky $400 piece of crap like that along with me.

Then I spotted the latest cover of Newsweek!

And my first thought: hey wow, an acrostic!


I support John Edwards. I agree with every one of his policies. I’ve talked about him with liberal friends, and while they might be supporting another candidate, they don’t have anything negative to say about Edwards (besides his past losses, Southern accent, or $400 haircut he paid for himself).

Am I missing anything in particular about Edwards or is there a certain reason why he hasn’t picked up steam? Is it because Obama appeals to the youth vote? Clinton to the Clinton vote?

edit Disregard this post! Opinions change.