Things what I want for Holidays

– A long winter coat
– An Apple Keyboard
– A spare set of iPhone earbuds
– An HD projector
– A simple AV receiver well shit! I went to the local 2nd-hand hardware store and found a freaking awesome one plus some great new speakers. The guy asked for $150 for the whole package.
The last two being ridiculous for my current situation – not only are they extremely expensive but I really have no place for either of them.
I’ve started buying presents for my family! Online though. I mean I wouldn’t shop at a big store today that would be crazy.


  1. What type of AV receiver is it? I’ve seen one that looks like it uses MICROWAVES to send signal wirelessly. An HD projector would be too cool to have. I would bring it to a theater and play Halo 3 at the end of a movie.

    1. It’s a Sony one from a few years ago. I don’t have the model number on hand, but it outputs to 7.1, has 3 component inputs, something like 5 s-video inputs, three aux outputs, all that silly Sony optical connection stuff… etc.
      Nothing wireless. Actually, it didn’t even come with a remote.

      1. Ohhhh… that sounds flipping awesome. I think optical is really cool but I feel like it’s still in its infancy. 7.1 seems to be the same way, really great surround-quality, but who has a 7.1 set-up these days? I’m still debating setting up my 5.1 speakers.

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